Grilling with a Weber Gas Grill or Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill makes outdoor cooking fun, while producing delicious meals.  I love my Weber gas grill for the ease of cooking, the quality of meals I am able to prepare, while enjoying my time out of doors.  The Weber is so simple, I use it to cook everything from breakfast to midnight snacks of smores.  Try some of my recipes for foil packets to make meals in a hurry with no clean up.  Start grilling today with a Weber barbecue, whether you enjoy propane grills or charcoal grills.

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How to install or attach an inline propane tank gauge?  How to easily show how much propane is left in your tank?  Check out the propane tank gauge which shows an indicator of how much propane is left in your tank.  Never run out of propane when you are grilling, look at the propane tank gauge level indicator to know if you have enough.   The propane tank gauge fitting is brass, and fits standard propane tanks up to 40 pounds.  Monitor your propane fuel use while you are grilling without removing the tank.  Attach the propane tank gauge inline without tools, just screw it on the tank and attach the hose.  Never run out of propane fuel again.

Braai Salt Seasoning Rub Recipe Mix South Africa   

Braaivleis comes from South Africa, meaning to grill or roast meat.   Braai salt seasoning mix can be stirred together with spices and seasonings you have on hand.  Try this easy recipe for Braai salt seasoning rub mix on a variety of meats at your next cook out or barbecue.

Braai Salt Seasoning Rub Recipe
Mix equal parts :

dry mustard
garlic powder
black pepper
Add a pinch of cayenne pepper if you like foods spicy.

 Braai or grill with wood, charcoal or briquettes braai.  For charcoal briquettes, wait until the flames have died down and a fine layer of gray ash has formed on them. Your fire is ready to braai. Hold an open hand, palm down an inch or two (2 to 4 cm) above the grill, it should become uncomfortably hot within 5 to 8 seconds.  Use very hot coals for the first few minutes of the braai, temperatures above 150°C (302°F) for this to work best.  This will sear the meat, and seal in the flavors.



How to Braai or Grill Steaks on Brick Chimney Barbecue Fireplace

Braaivleis comes from South Africa, meaning to grill or roast meat. Use wood, charcoal or briquettes to make the braai. For charcoal briquettes, wait until the flames have died down and a fine layer of gray ash has formed on them. Your fire is ready to braai.

How to know if your coals are hot enough and ready to grill?  Hold an open hand, palm down an inch or two (2 to 4 cm) above the grill.  Count the seconds it takes for your hand to become uncomfortably hot.  It should be within 5 to 8 seconds.

Use very hot coals for the first few minutes of the braai, temperatures above 150°C (302°F) for this to work best. This will sear the meat, and seal in the flavors.



Follow 3 simple steps for the best results using your barbecue grill.  Preheat your grill, keep your grill clean, and use quality barbecue tools.

 I recently needed a new grill cleaning brush, and chose the Grill Zone triple action barbecue grill brush to clean my Weber barbecue grill.  

I bought my barbecue brush at my local True Value Hardware Store.  

The Grill Zone triple action barbecue grill brush has a long, sturdy handle, steel bristles, and a swirly steel bristle brush on the end.

 Both metal bristle brushes work great removing stuck on debris from the grill racks.  Read the fine print so you don't make the mistake I did.  Do not use the black abrasive pad on a hot grill!


Grilled bread is the secret to the best Bruschetta.  Slice fresh bread, and brush with equal parts olive oil and butter, salt and pepper.  

Grilled bread is delicious with toppings of tomato, vegetables, beans, cured meat, or cheese.  Just about anything is better on grilled bread!

Silicone brushes are a great way to add sauces or butter to food on your grill or any time you are basting.  Silicone brushes are heat resistant, and dishwasher safe.  

Silicone cooking utensils are BPA free and FDA approved.  Use different colors for different sauces, and to avoid cross contamination of foods or flavors.






If you like the flavors of chili and lime, you will love this chili lime rub recipe for grilled chicken.  Stir together spices you have in your pantry, add a fresh lime, and marinate chicken breasts for 30 minutes to overnight.  Bring the chicken to room temperature, and place on a hot grill, turning to cook evenly.  

This chili lime rub for chicken recipe is easy, delicious, and spicy!  Stir together olive oil, chili powder, cumin, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and brown sugar, along with salt and pepper.  

Toss the chicken in a ziploc bag with the chili lime rub for easy clean up.  Use less cayenne pepper if you don't like spicy foods.  The nice thing about mixing your own seasoning combinations and rubs is you can mix them to suit your tastes.




If you love crostini and grilling, you will love Grilled Sausage Crostini with Red Onion Marmalade.  Mix and simmer red onions with red wine, grill sausages, such as linguica sausage, grill some fresh bread, and combine it all together with a topping of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese for a delicious grilled sausage crostini with red onion marmalade.  This recipe is simple, makes a great appetizer or light meal.

Protect your deck or patio from burns and spills with a barbecue mat.  This mat by Tuffy is manufactured in the USA of recycled rubber.  The material is tested for safety, fire and flame resistance. 

Grill mats are safe to use with gas grills, smokers, charcoal grills.  They help make clean up easy because they resist animal fats, fish oils, grease, and can be cleaned with soapy water. 

Protect your outdoor cooking surfaces with a Tuffy grill mat.



Rib Eye Steak grilled with a dried mushroom rub is easy, delicious, and cooked to perfection.  Beef Ribeye or Rib Eye has just the right amount of marbling to give you a juicy and flavorful steak that will melt in your mouth.  A well prepared rib eye steak will delight your friends and family. Try this easy mushroom rub combining dried mushrooms, salt, pepper, and olive oil for the tastiest rib eye steak ever.  Rub the meat, allow it to marinate 8 -24 hours, bring it to room temperature, and grill, and basted with a butter rub.  

If you have wondered how to cook a steak, this is the best rib eye steak recipe ever.  Some call this style of grilled rib eye Tagliani style. Try this easy mushroom rub combining dried mushrooms, salt, pepper, and olive oil for the tastiest rib eye steak ever.  Rub the meat, allow it to marinate 8 -24 hours, bring it to room temperature, and grill, and basted with a butter rub.  If you have wondered how to cook a steak, this is the best rib eye steak recipe ever.  Some call this style of grilled rib eye Tagliani style.       

 Inno Tech Barbecue Grill GlovesThese barbecue grill gloves are 300% thicker than other silicone gloves, are heat resistant, and great to use for grilling, baking, or smoking.  The Inno barbecue gloves are BPA free and FDA approved.


Cornish games hens are wonderful for grilling.  They are quick and easy, delicious for a light meal or mid course for a dinner party.  Always elegant, Cornish game hens are a real treat from the grill.

Follow my simple directions to remove the backbone, and butterfly the game hens to lay them flat.  

Mix a quick marinade for your game hens.

2 Tablespoons honey

2 1/2 ounces balsamic vinegar

2 1/2 ounces olive oil

1 teaspoon each salt and pepper

Whisk together. Pour marinade over game birds in a ziptop bag, roll around to distribute the sauce evenly.  Refrigerate for an hour up to overnight.  

 Pat dry, salt and pepper.  Lay on a rack and place back in refrigerator for about an hour to dry.  Bring them out one hour before cooking.  Never put cold meat on the grill. 

Brush a bit of olive oil on the skin, grill a few minutes breast side down, then flip and cook a few minutes longer on the cavity side.  

Grilled Cornish game hens are juicy, tender, smoky, and delicious.


If you have a gas grill, a few simple modifications allow you to make it into a barbecue smoker.  Follow these steps to smoke your favorite dishes while they cook on your propane grill.  True barbecue needs smoke for the best flavor.  These simple tips will turn your gas grill into a smoker.  Wood smoked flavors can't be matched.  You will love the added flavor of your smoked grilled foods.  Learn the basics of smokers, smoked foods, and the flexibility of your gas grill as a smoker.


We get a lot of enjoyment with our outdoor grill, but you need to be aware of tank safety.  Most grills have grease fires,  so you need a fire extinguisher.  Your tank needs a overfill prevention device with 3 prongs.  Tanks can expire after 12 years.  You need to get a new propane tank after 12 years.  

Take your tank to a service station with propane to have it refilled.  The attendant needs to do it for you.  You can also exchange it at a store that has refill tanks available. Grilling is fun, but you need to use safety guidelines to ensure you have a safe and fun time cooking in outdoors.

A propane tank gauge indicator monitors fuel level without removing the tank. The color coded dial allowings you to see at a glance when your propane level is low.



Do you have problems lighting your Weber or other gas barbecue grill?  Here are 2 solutions on how to light your grill, and troubleshooting tips to help you enjoy grilling out of doors on your gas grill.  Understand where the gas and igniter are located so you can solve your lighting problems.  If you know where the gas enters the grill, you can still light it manually with a match or clicker.  Perhaps your igniter has a simple wire problem like mine did, and you can fix it easily yourself.  Gas grills aren't complicated.  We just need to understand how they work.  Try these tips to solve your gas grill lighting problems.


If you love grilling with charcoal, you will love the Weber Kettle charcoal grill.  A concern is where to put your lid while you are cooking.  The lid is hot, and cumbersome.  One of the often overlooked features of the Weber Kettle is the lid hook on the inside.  

No more wondering where to set the lid.  Inside the lid, near the vent, is a hook.  Slide the lid until it rests on the side of your Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill, allowing you to access your charcoal and food easily.

 Look for the hook, and use it.  Slide the lid rather than lift the lid so air won't disturb the coals.  You can enjoy grilling on the Weber even more, once the lid is easy to maneuver.  


If you really want to pile on the flavor, try a basting mop instead of a basting brush.  Mounds of flavor from your favorite sauces will enhance the savory qualities of your favorite grilled foods.  


Nothing beats the charcoal grilling of a Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill if you are a fan of charcoal grilling.  Using a charcoal grill to cook low and slow can be a challenge.  

Here are a few tips and tricks I use for low and slow cooking over charcoal on my Weber Kettle.  

Make sure you clean out the old ashes and charcoal

Adjust the bottom air flow to 1/4 open

Add a grill rack to hold the charcoal up off of the bottom

Add a double layer of foil over the rack covering half of the bottom

Add 18 pieces of unlit charcoal, add 8 pieces of lit charcoal with a few wood smoking chips on the side without foil

Place the open side of the rack over your side with the charcoal

Place your meat over the foil side, which acts as a shield

Add charcoal to the uncovered side as needed, 8 at a time

Try these easy techniques to make your barbecuing more delicious and fun.  Watch the video to learn how to set the air vents, how to use foil to keep the meat moist and evenly cooking, and how to add charcoal to keep the fire going for long and slow cooking  with the Weber Kettle.


If you love cooking with charcoal on your Weber Kettle Grill, you will love this easy, make it your self charcoal chimney for fast, easy lighting of your charcoal.  

Lighting charcoal is the biggest challenge for me, so I like that I can make this charcoal chimney out of things around the house that get my coals going fast and hot.

Remove the top and bottom of a large can.  Use a church key bottle can opener to punch holes all around the bottom. 

Make the chimney out of a large empty can, add newspaper, coals, and light it.  Charcoal takes time to get hot, so be patient.  The coals will turn gray, and they are ready to cook.  

Make a charcoal chimney for your Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill, and get your coals lit easily.




Using your eyes and hands can help you determine the temperature of your charcoal so you know when your grill is ready for cooking.  Charcoal can heat up to 700 degrees, but typically most grilling is done at or below 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  I enjoy cooking on my Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill, but need to know when my fire is at the right temperature for what I choose to grill.  How can you tell the temperature of your charcoals, and when your charcoal is ready for cooking?  Look at the coals, they should be covered in ash.  Measure the heat of your barbecue with the hand test.  Use the palm of your hand for a test.  Hold your hand 4 - 5 inches above the charcoal, and count how many seconds you can hold it above the charcoal. 
 2-4 seconds  400-500 degrees
5-7 seconds  medium heat
8-10 seconds  low
More than 10 seconds means time to add more coals.


If you have a Weber or other gas grill, knowing how to hook up your propane tank safely is essential.  A nice feature of the Weber Grill is the gauge that indicates how much propane is in your tank, taking the guess work out of knowing if you have enough fuel to cook your meal.  This video shows how to attach the propane tank, how to hook up the tank to the gas lines, how to remove the tank, and have the tank refilled. It also shows how to safely reattach the tank and be ready to grill again.  Refilling your propane tank is simple.  Take your tank to a gas station that refills propane tanks, or exchange it at a local store.  Know that a trained attendant must fill the tank due to safety regulations.  Always store propane tanks out of doors.

Propane Tanks How To Tell How Full They Are

Do you worry you have enough propane in your tank for your next barbecue?  I have a Weber Gas Grill which has a handy indicator.  Here is a simple way to know how full your propane tank is, no matter what grill you own.  Weighing the tank indicates how much propane is left.  Empty they weigh about 15 pounds, full they weigh about 36 pounds.  A full tank should last 20 hours, and can be refilled at many gas stations. 




Handy for travel, the Travelon luggage scale fits right in the front pocket of your suitcase to help you avoid problems with overweight luggage.  

A luggage scale is also a handy tool for grilling with gas or propane barbecues.  Use it to weigh your propane tank so you know how full it is.  

A full propane tank should last for 20 hours worth of cooking time.  When full, the tank should weigh about 36 pounds.








Like beer can chicken, make whiskey can chicken with whiskey poured into an empty soda can on your Weber or other grill.  Place the can on a beer can chicken rack, rub spices on your chicken, and set it on the grill for 1 hour 20 minutes, or until your chicken is 165 degrees.  You will love the delicious flavor of whiskey steamed throughout the meat.  I love the Outlaw Whiskey from Alaska Distilleries.  Use your favorite  whiskey for this delicious grilled chicken.

Check out the Weber original poultry roasting rack for delicious whole body chickens on the grill.  There is a spot to place a can so you can infuse your chicken with your favorite liquids from beer to whiskey to juices.  Make sure your can is no more than 2/3 full, and place your chicken in an upright position right over the middle brackets.  The Weber poultry roasting rack, or beer can chicken rack, is sturdy, has easy to hold handles to carry your chicken to the grill and for ease of removal.  The rack is stainless steel, and easy to clean.



If you are looking for the easiest recipe ever, you will love this foil packet recipe.  Sausages, frozen vegetables, and frozen potatoes wrapped in foil make a tasty, filling and complete meal with little effort.  Choose a package of frozen combination vegetables, a package of frozen seasoned potatoes, and your favorite sausages.  Wrap and place on a grill or in a campfire.  This recipe travels well to camp.  Place frozen foods into the cooler and they will stay frozen for a day or two.  The frozen foods also help keep other foods cold.  Plan to use the frozen items on the second or third day of your camp out.  This recipe works great on your Weber grill, in your campfire, or in the oven at home.



Make the best beer can chicken on your Weber Grill with the Weber grill rack and a simple rub mixture.  This easy recipe for beer can chicken allows you to cook with little effort, while  making a delicious meal.  If you love the flavor of beer and chicken, you will love this simple recipe. Combine beer, chicken, and barbecue, what can be better than that?  

The open design of the Weber Beer Can Chicken Rack allows the heat and flavors to flow evenly.  The rack is sturdy so there is no fear of your chicken tipping or toppling.  Two handles allow for easy placement and removal from a hot grill.  Lift the chicken from the rack with tongs after it has finished cooking, and you are ready to serve and enjoy the delicious flavors.

Weber Kettle: How To Reuse Unburned Charcoal For The Next Grilling

When you have finished grilling on your Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill or other charcoal grill, you will notice some of the charcoals are not completely burned or used.  After your fire is completely out, scoop out the unburned charcoals, and shake off the ash.  Now you can store leftover charcoals in a can until your next cook out.  Next time you start the charcoal grill, place the partially burned coals at the bottom of your Weber Kettle, then build the new fire on top.  



Charcoal fires will stay hot long after you are done grilling.  The Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill comes equipped with a tight fitting lid that allows the fire to go out safely.  To extinguish your charcoal fire, place the lid on, and completely close the top and bottom vents.  The top vent is on the lid, and it is easy to see when it is closed.  The bottom vent also works to clean and remove ashes, so is open at both ends.  Slide the lever on the bottom vent to the middle to close it.  Your grill will still be hot for quite a while, but the fire will go out and your grill will cool.  The more charcoal you burn, the more time it takes for your coals to cool completely.  Don't use more charcoal than you need, as it will take longer for the fire to go out.  Keep an eye on children and pets while your grill is cooling.  Leave the lid on and the vents closed until your fire shuts down completely. 

Does Old Charcoal Burn

Can charcoal get old?  Will old charcoal still burn?  If you enjoy cooking with charcoal, storing it in a cool, dry place is important.  I have been storing extra charcoal in my Bunker so I will have enough, whether I want to cook a meal, or for emergency situations. Charcoal is great to store for emergency cooking.  The charcoal I stored in my Bunker doesn't look right.  Will it still burn?  Luckily, I can test it and find that it will still light.  After this, I will take better measures to make certain to store my charcoal in a container to keep out the moisture.  Store things correctly so they will last.  Charcoal can easily be stored for years if you keep it dry.

How To Refill And Attach Your Propane Tank

Is your propane tank empty?  Barbeque Grilling is a fun way to make delicious meals.  If you use a propane gas grill, the tank will need to be refilled about every 20 hours of grilling.  I have a Weber gas grill, which has a handy fuel indicator.  No matter what grill you have, follow these simple steps to remove, refill, and reattach your propane tank.  Make sure the tank is off before you remove it.  

Bacon Grill Rack From Charcoal Companion Product Review

Cooking bacon on the grill? If you love bacon, and want to know how to cook it on your barbecue grill, a grill rack from Charcoal Companion might be just the tool you are looking for to cook it out of doors on your grill.  Drape 6 pieces of bacon over the rack, and the bacon cooks beautifully without spreading grease anywhere.  

The grease drains into 2 catch basins.  No splatters or grease fires with this bacon grill rack.  Bacon is crisp, is not greasy, no burned ends, and clean up is easy.  Simply dump the grease and place the stainless steel rack in your dishwasher.  The Bacon Grill Rack from Charcoal Companion is handier than I had hoped.  The bacon grill rack works on gas grills, charcoal grills, campfires, or in the oven.  I love using my Weber Grill, and one of the things I enjoy cooking is bacon using this Charcoal Companion bacon rack.

Best Way To Store Charcoal

Charcoal is a simple and inexpensive way to cook food, whether for a barbecue or emergency situation.  Correctly storing charcoal ensures it will light and cook your food when you need it to.  Charcoal needs to be stored in a cool, dry place.  Ask for 5 gallon buckets, usually given out for free at the bakery of your grocery store.  Wash your buckets, allow them to dry completely, and use them to store charcoal.  Store items to help light your charcoal like newspaper, egg cartons, lighter fluid, and matches.  Snap the lids on your buckets, label them, and store them off the ground.  Keep your charcoal in a cool, dark place and know it should light and last a long time.

AlaskaGranny is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to