If you are like me, you were born with wanderlust in your heart.  I love to travel all over the world, and I most want to share those adventures with those I love. Travel is my passion.  Know that wherever you roam, people are hardworking, friendly, and willing to share their world with you.  

A few travel tips can help your adventures be smoother.  Realize that things will go wrong; that is just part of travel.  You will encounter cancelled flights, lost luggage, crazy weather, biting insects, and more.  I had my shoes chewed up by African puppy dogs.  

Whatever comes your way, it is part of the adventure of travel, and life.  Wherever you roam, whatever your experiences, make them something to talk about later.    

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Travel is exciting, we are seeing new places, tasting new foods, observing new sights, sounds, smells. How can you stay safe when you enter a public place? When we are in public places, it may be to visit a special site, to attend an expo or event. How can you stay safe in a crowded public place?

Pay attention to where emergency exits are as you enter large buildings, arenas, malls, or theaters. If there is an emergency, everyone tends to exit the way they came in. Look for the closest exit to where you are standing, sitting, shopping. The closest exit may well be the safest, least crowded exit in an emergency. Choosing to head to that closest exit may make a difference in your safety.

Remember basic safety and first aid guidelines for any emergency situation.

Stay calm

Don't panic

Be aware of your surroundings and those around you

If people start stampeding, move with the crowd, so you don't get knocked down 

Work your way out of the flow and head to safety out of a less crowded door

If you visit or work in a high rise, event center, or somewhere with a long walk to an exit;

Know several ways to evacuate your office, conference room, lunch room, all areas in the building

If you travel and stay in a hotel 

Pay attention to the location of emergency exits

Read the emergency information posted on your hotel room door 


 Planning a trip with your dog, and wondering what to pack for your dog?  Make a dog travel kit with essentials to keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe. Plan to pack food, water, bowls, snacks, brush, poop bags, potty pads, toys, leash, collar, harness, and essentials for your dog.

Packing for a trip with your dog doesn't need to be expensive.  Shop at Dollar Tree or super stores for vacation and travel supplies, and fill in with things from home.   Pack a bag with food, water, travel dishes, treats, and a brush. Pack a leash, harness, identification on the collar.  Bring a brush, poop bags, and potty pads.  Pack a favorite blanket, jacket or dog sweater if heading somewhere cold, maybe you need a dog carrier, or even a dog stroller. 


Travel essentials for your dog will include emergency contacts, vaccination and shot records, the number to your veterinarian, and any medicines your dog needs.  Plan ahead for pet friendly hotels, patio restaurants that allow dogs, and friends who willingly welcome your dog into their homes.  Only take your dog where he is allowed.  Plan, prepare, and pack for your dog so you have a great vacation or trip together.


Are you traveling to an area where mosquitoes are prevalent, and have risks to the Zika Virus?Pack supplies to protect yourself from Zika.   Zika is still spreading, including in the United States.  There is no vaccine or cure to the Zika Virus, so learn how to protect yourself.  

Zika was unknown to most people until recently, yet health warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization warn us the Zika virus is spreading explosively.

There is a drastic increase in cases of microcephaly, babies born with small heads and incomplete brain development among infants whose mothers are infected with the Zika virus.

A Zika prevention kit is easy to make, and should include mosquito repellents, long sleeve and long pants, a bed net, and condoms.

If you have standing water near your home, keep it clean and dry, or add mosquito disc treatment tabs. Mosquito coils are a good way to repel mosquitoes in enclosed areas or patio areas.


A travel essential is the Fire Escape Kit by Go Time Gear.  If you are traveling to a large city, staying in high rise hotels, large resorts, you need to have a plan for your personal safety. Read the emergency escape routes from your hotel room.  Look for emergency exits from large convention centers, casinos, entertainment venues, restaurants, amusement parks.  

Planning to keep yourself and your family safe can be the difference in an emergency situation. Fires in high rise hotels have had devastating consequences for unprepared hotel guests. Emergency workers do their best, but they cannot reach every individual in time.  Protect yourself with a fire escape kit.  

The Fire Escape Kit from Go Time Gear includes an over the head hood mask that allows you 60 minutes of fresh breathable air, and helps you  see where you are going in a fire or smoke emergency.   An emergency blanket is included that you wrap around yourself for protection from heat and falling embers.  Sturdy gloves to move debris and protect your hands from burning objects, and a glow stick round out this sturdy kit.  

The Fire Escape Kit from Go Time Gear fits into a sturdy bag that is TSA friendly.  Hook it over your carry on, pack it into your suitcase, take at least the fire escape mask if space is limited. Don't be caught in a dangerous fire situation.  Make the Fire Escape Kit a Travel Essential.


Stock up on emergency foods when you're on vacation, and make a travel preparedness plan.  

Plan to buy food and water when you reach your destination.  Don't be stranded, hungry and thirsty far from home.  

What to pack for vacation?  Don't forget basics of food and water.  

Before setting out each day, pack grab and go foods that are familiar to you and simple to eat.  

Get a few items whenever you see a market, don't let your snack pile dwindle too low.  

Always take plenty of water when you set out each day.  Always tell someone where you are going.


Travel Sewing Kits from the Dollar Tree are a complete basic sewing set that comes in a clear PVC cases with handles, and include 6 spools of thread (white, navy, black, hunter green, red, and sage green); a plastic tape measure;

small plastic box of silver and gold safety pins, straight pins, and buttons; a pair of small scissors that actually cut thread; a needle threader; a plastic box of assorted needles

with a dial opener safety dispenser; and a plastic thimble. Great for travelers, these travel sewing kits with carrying cases come in assorted colors.  If you need a basic sewing kit, pick up one of these sewing kits from the Dollar Tree.


If you enjoy travel, having quality luggage is a must.  Luggage is a big investment, and we expect it to carry our belongings on our trips, aboard all types of transportation, and bring our things home safely, in one piece.  I have owned many pieces of Samsonite luggage, and found them to be high quality and long lasting.  In fact, my very first set of luggage when I went off to college was Samsonite.  

The new 4 wheel spinners are so easy to transport through nearly any crowd or narrow aisle, whether checked or as a carry on.  During my last trip to Africa, one of my Samsonite suitcases had a defective handle that came apart.  Next the zipper was damaged and a front pouch came unstitched.  My Samsonite suitcase made it all the way home with my belongings in one piece, but my suitcase was no longer holding up as I would expect of top quality travel luggage.  I contacted Samsonite, and they replaced my defective suitcase with a brand new Samsonite suitcase.  Thank you, Samsonite, for outstanding customer service, a high quality product, and honoring your warranty.   Why should you invest in Samsonite Luggage?  It is the best travel luggage!  Check out the array of colors and configurations to best hold your clothing and gear no matter where you travel.  Bon Voyage with Samsonite!


Winter is here, and with it comes slick roads from rain, snow, and ice.  Make sure you have your vehicle properly maintained for winter driving.  Then be sure you have a snow brush and ice scraper to clean snow and ice from your windshields and car.  

Check that your tires are in good repair, use snow tires or chains if needed.  Keep emergency gear in your car such as flashlights, warm clothing, first aid, water, and food.

 Drive slowly so you can start and stop easily and make sure you arrive safely.  Plan your trip so you have plenty of time to drive carefully, and aren't tempted to drive too fast!



Winter weather can make driving treacherous and difficult.  Visibility is extremely important, so choosing the best ice scraper and snow broom can make driving safer.  Choose an ice scraper snow broom with a telescoping handle that easily reaches all the way across your vehicle so you can scrape all of the snow and ice off your windows.  A squeegee can be nice for foggy windows or muddy conditions.   Look for a scraper with dual action to remove even the thickest ice from your car windows.  Never drive until all of your windows are clear.


I like the Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher Snow Broom.  It telescopes and extends out to 51 inches, so you can easily reach across and on top of your vehicle.  It has separate blades for ice and snow, and a squeegie for wet, foggy, or muddy windows.  Foam grips allow you to hold the snow broom or scraper end without it slipping, or adding more cold to your hands.  I like that the broom pivots so you are not caught in awkward positions, and the durability of the Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher.  Look for the Hoppy for your travel adventures in winter weather.


Do you work, live, or visit high rise buildings?  A high rise, or tall building, has safety risks you need to know to ensure your safety in an emergency.  

Pay attention to your surroundings, and plan accordingly.  Look for emergency exits, stairs, and fire alarm pulls and extinguishers when you are inside unfamiliar buildings.  

Learn where emergency exits are and the best path to the emergency exit any time you are in a tall building.  Stay aware of your surroundings no matter where you are so you can keep yourself safe no matter what.


Whether you are at home or traveling, here is an easy way to hide or disguise your jewelry and protect it from being knocked around or lost in your luggage.  Try this simple idea to hide your jewelry and protect it from being scratched.

 All you need to do is cut a tennis ball, and insert your valuables to keep them safe and disguised.  

A few dollars for a package of 3 tennis balls is a very inexpensive way to guard and protect your valuables.  


When you pack for a vacation, take a few easy steps to pack your hiking boots so clothing stay cleaner, they fit compactly in your luggage, and keep your suitcase balanced.  

Pack a small brush to remove debris before packing.  Agricultural rules can hold you up in customs if you have dirt or organic debris on your hiking or hunting boots.  Wrap them quickly, place them in the bottom, and you are on your way to a fun trip.  

Order a pack of 100 disposable shower caps so you are ready to pack any pair of shoes in your luggage while protecting your clean clothing.  Stuff a few disposable shower caps into your gym bag.  These are a great item to keep in stock year round.



I like to do laundry often, including when I travel.  Washing out a few things at a time allows me to travel with fewer items.  

I made a simple travel clothesline with three strands of round elastic, and two velcro straps.  Hang it almost anywhere, and pull the clothes through the braids to attach for quick drying.  It weighs 1.5 ounces, so is travel friendly.



If you are planning your first cruise, you are probably wondering what sailing on a ship is like.  I have sailed many times, and on lots of different cruise lines.  Every cruise begins with a lifeboat drill shortly after sailing, like this one on Holland America Cruise Lines.  Some passengers dread the thought of a muster drill, with fears of standing long times wearing life jackets in the hot sun.  

All ships must hold safety drills within 24 hours of sailing.  Remember the Titanic? Since then, strict Maritime rules are in place for the safety of passengers and crew alike.  Life boat, or muster drills, are important, and take a small amount of time when everyone listens and follows directions.

 When you first board your ship, find your cabin, and locate the safety information on the cabin door.  Locate where your life jackets are stored.  As you familiarize yourself with your ship, notice the emergency exit signs, and find where your lifeboat station is.  Now you are ready for the life boat drill, sometimes called a muster drill, and for any emergency that should happen at sea.  Have a fun and fabulous cruise, one of my favorite ways to travel!


If you are heading to the beach, lake, or pool, make a simple hiding place for your valuables.  This simple solution to keeping your phone, cash, and keys safe at the beach or pool is made from recycled household items.  

Use an empty lotion bottle as a secret stash. Click on the video for complete directions. Your valuables will stay reasonably dry, and discreetly hidden from theft.  

You can toss your valuables such as your phone, wallet, cash, jewelry, keys safely disguised, onto your blanket, towel, table, or into your beach, pool, or swim bag.  

Try making a DIY beach or pool hiding place for a secret stash to keep your valuables while you take a dip in the water.  

Protect and disguise your phone, cash, keys, and other valuables while you enjoy the beach.


Train travel is the primary transportation in many parts of the world, whether for commuting or vacationing.  Be prepared for the unexpected when you travel afar.  

Get a hard copy of the schedule

Carry a few snacks and water,

Pack a bag with emergency essentials should you become stranded.  

It can happen to you like it did to me in New Zealand! I was prepared with my essentials, so my trip was an adventure without added inconvenience.


Are you preparing for a road trip?  Check out this auto safety list to make sure your automobile is safe and ready to take you where you care to go.  No one wants surprises on the road with trouble from your car.  

Check the tires, transmission, and suspension.  Have any needed work done a few weeks before you set out on an adventure. Watch the video for all the details.


The three most common emergencies that can occur with your car are a dead battery, running out of gas, or a flat tire.  These three items can help get you safely back on the road if you have one of these emergencies. Keep a Jump And Carry 300 XL Battery Charger, a gas can, and Fix A Flat in your car.  Do basic safety checks before you set out each day to avoid transportation problems.

Part of safe travel is keeping your car going, no matter where adventure takes you. Whether driving across the country, or to the corner store, you count on the car to start.  I bought the Jump and Carry 300 XL Battery Charger for my car and one for each of my children.  It has come in handy twice for battery jumping.  The little flashlight is handy in the dark and for peeking under the hood of the car.  I like the charger port that enables charging a cell phone in a low power situation.  This is a handy gadget to help keep you safe in your travels.  Charge it once, place it in the trunk for months and it stays ready to use.  Recharge it after each use, and every 3-6 months to keep a full charge for your use.


If you have been to an airport since 9/11/2001, you know the travel world is complicated.  Having your travel documents handy and secure is a major concern to most travelers.

Watch the video for a list of what to carry, the copies you may need, and how to keep your documents available as you pass through TSA or Customs.  

Keep your hands free, and your documents readily available with these basic travel tips.

 Keep your important documents together, and close at hand with a passport cover and document organizer.  I like a travel document holder with a cord that goes around my neck. I can have all of my documents and identification close at hand when I am traveling through airports or train stations.

A document holder around your neck can easily be tucked into a jacket or shirt so it is out of sight. It is easy pull out to have on hand. Hidden travel belts require fumbling around in public.

 No more digging in the bottom of carry on bags, looking for your identification, tickets, itinerary, tip money, or cab fare.  Everything needed for your trip stays at your easy reach, and can all be tucked into your bag for safety once you are under way.  


We all like to look our best whether we are traveling or staying close to home.  Traveling with jewelry is just something we enjoy.  

Watch the video for a few tips to keep your jewelry organized when you travel. Select and wear your favorite accessories and pieces on your trip without fumbling around in your suitcase.  

Keep jewelry on display so you remember what you brought, and have necklaces and bracelets organized.  You won't forget and leave anything behind when you pack to return home.  

Always place jewelry in your carry on luggage.  Never take valuable jewelry with you when you travel abroad.  





Whether you are headed to the pool, beach, lake, or backyard, there are essentials you need to include in your beach or pool bag.  

Start with a substantial bag, one that can hold all of your needs easily, and start loading the largest items first.  


Keep a smaller zipper bag inside for all of the small essentials you need to stay safe, comfortable, and happy at the beach, shore, lake, or pool.  

Always keep children safe around water.


This beach bag by TravelWell includes a  cooler bag segment in the bottom with a sturdy zipper closure.  The cooler bag can hold up to 12 drinks.  Use a frozen ice pack to prevent leaks.

The mesh compartment at the top of this bag can hold 4 large beach towels, and has 2 external pockets for your sunscreen, phone, books, incidentals, and more.  

Weighing only 11 ounces, this is a great bag to pack for an island, beach, or cruise vacation. 




There are lots of ways to use an empty Altoids tin.  Try making a mini game set or game chest.  Watch the video for all the details on how I made mine.

Keep a mini game set in your purse, carry on, bug out bag, camping gear, or luggage.  A mini game set can keep you entertained if you are stuck waiting at the doctor's office, the airport, or to pass the time on a camp out.  

Keep everyone involved when you play together.  Try it!

Be on the lookout for mini games that are simple to drop into your carry on or day pack.  

Far more fun to interact with friends and family than everyone "plugged in" together, but separate.





If you are looking for the best severe weather radio, the Midland All Hazards Weather Alert Radio monitors all types of hazards such as  tornadoes to help keep you safe.  This particular radio was useful for an F5 tornado in Oklahoma!  Whether at home, traveling, or camping, have a Weather Alert Radio so you are aware of developments around you.  This video shows how to set up the radio, and explains the features of the Midland Weather Band Radio.The radio comes programmed to alert you to hazards within 50 miles, and has a battery backup.  Emergency devices such as radios keep us in touch with news and weather alerts.  Stay in touch when communication may be needed the most.  If you are looking for a tornado warning radio, this is the one to get.


Midland All Hazard Emergency Warning Radio

If you live or travel where weather emergencies are severe, you need an all hazard radio.  I take this one when I travel to areas with tornadoes and storms.  The radio automatically tunes in to the area where you are located.  

Don't be caught off guard in dangerous weather conditions.  Keep this plugged in, and it will sound the warning to keep you safe.  My radio actually went through an F5 in Oklahoma, and earned a permanent place in my heart!




I have traveled places and been told, consider no water safe to drink.  The Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter is a handy, light weight, and inexpensive personal water filter.  These emergency water filters are great for travel, hiking, camping, or bugging out.

 Follow the simple directions on how to prepare your filter for use.  The Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter can filter 30 gallons of water.




Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter

The Aquamira Frontier emergency water filter straw is inexpensive, small, and easy to use.  If you travel or camp, get one for everyone in your family.  No more worries about fresh drinking water wherever you roam in the out  of doors or abroad.  These are great for bug out bags, and to send with kids to camp.






We need things like razors when we travel.  Protect the blade from becoming dull and your hands from getting cut by packing it like this.  Your razor is safe in your luggage, and your hands are safe when you reach in your suitcase.  Standard disposable razors and disposable razor cartridges are allowed in your carry on luggage.  Safety razors, or those with a double edge, need to be in checked luggage.  Try this tip to have the things you need when you travel.



Do you worry about setting your toothbrush down on a counter?  Try this trick to keep your toothbrush away from germy surfaces and safe from bacteria whether you are at home, in a hotel, camping, or visiting friends and relatives.  This will keep your toothbrush high and dry.  A clean toothbrush is an important step to good dental care and health.


If you have a piece of microcord sized paracord and some bread tags or tabs, you can make the tiniest travel or emergency clothes line.  Save Bread Tabs or Tags to use as clothes pins for a travel or emergency clothes line.  

Tiny and light weight, you can easily include this in your travel or emergency bag for quick drying of hand washed clothing.  Microcord is light weight and sturdy, and will not stretch.


If you live or travel where winter weather is cold and wet, you will want to know this tip on how to unfreeze a frozen lock, whether it is a padlock, car, or truck.  Plan in advance for the possibility that locks may freeze so you won't be unprepared in winter weather emergencies.  Use this quick tip to unfreeze a frozen lock.


Do you want to hunt in a faraway location?  Airline travel with guns and ammo is possible, if you know the rules and regulations.  Guns need to be in a locked case separate from ammunition.  Ammunition needs to be in its original package, in an ammo case in a separate piece of checked luggage.  Traveling with firearms is worth the hassle so you can hunt anywhere in the world you choose to travel. 


If you travel with guns, you will love the Tuffpak Travel Gun Case by Nalpak with TSA approved locks.  The Tuffpak is indestructible, and discreet.  You can safely take your guns and gear worldwide, knowing they are safe and secure.  Most people think you have golf clubs!  Always make sure your guns are unloaded, and pack your ammo in a separate suitcase.


Nalpak gun cases are the greatest.   They come in several sizes to fit all of your firearm needs.  I have used mine to travel all over the world, and love it.  

There is room to stuff extra gear around your guns.  One bonus, when you are in camp, lock any belongings, passports, or valuables inside.  This is the most versatile gun case I have ever used.





Planning and preparation will help you avoid problems with unpredictable weather and events, allowing you to make the most of your fun experiences.  Take a minute to make sure you've followed these five simple guidelines before heading out the door on your next adventure.  

*1 - Plan your trip.  Make sure you know your routes and bring along the appropriate maps and GPS

*2 - Tell someone where you're going

*3 - Be aware of the weather and prepared for what you may face

*4 - Know your physical limits

*5 - Take sufficient supplies




When you are on holiday, take a minute to enjoy the amenities of your hotel and familiarize yourself with your surroundings.  Then take a moment to learn the emergency protocol for your hotel.  
Look on the back of your room door for emergency information, note where the emergency exits are from your room.  Now you can go about enjoying your vacation with the satisfaction that you won't panic if an emergency occurs while you are on the premises.

AlaskaGranny is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com