I enjoy shooting, hunting, and collecting guns.  My favorite guns to shoot are revolvers and lever actions.  Whether I am at a gun range, in the desert, or a hunting safari, spending time in the out of doors and having the opportunity to shoot is a very enjoyable activity.

Safety is first if you are a gun owner, and you are responsible to keep your guns and ammo safe, secure, and out of the hands of those who should have no access to them.  

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Alaska Gun Show - Alaska Gun Collectors Show, Anchorage 

The AGCA has been putting together Gun Shows in Alaska for over 40 years and is proud to be the largest in the State!  They bring the best vendors and historical displays. If you're looking for something new or used you'll find guns, ammunition, and accessories at this family friendly show. 

The Alaska Gun Collectors Association Mission Statement:  AGCA believes that our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms is an essential part of our history and future.  We are committed to helping preserve and promote these rights by providing events where our community can view historical firearm collections, add to their own collections, and experience the power and responsibility of safe firearm use. 

Find a variety of guns, ammo, and shooting supplies at the Alaska Gun Collectors Gun Show. Held at the Sullivan Arena  in  Anchorage in April and October, this Alaska Gun Show is a great place to shop for well priced handguns, hunting rifles, and more.  

Collections and historical guns are usually on display.  Ammo was available, small amounts likely from personal collections or small businesses.  If you are looking for guns, ammo, shooting supplies,  shrimp pots, fishing gear, military surplus, even snow shoes, check out the gun shows held in Alaska.  

Gun show shopping tips?   Look everything over before you buy.  Ask before picking up a gun. Ask questions, and learn more about guns you may find interesting.  Learn the laws of the area before the gun show.  Treat all guns as if they are loaded.  Keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access

Ammo Prices Alaska Cabela's November 2017    Anchorage Alaska     

Shop with me and take a tour of the ammo available at Cabela's in Anchorage, Alaska.  I have purchased many guns and lots of ammo there. The selection varies, and prices seem fair .  

You never know what ammo will be available at Cabela's or any gun store or show.  Check the availability and price of ammo in calibers you need when you shop.  

Make a strategy to stockpile the ammo you want.  It won't go bad, and you have what you need when you want it. Prioritize the calibers you want to have on hand, and set a budget for the price you can afford.  

Top reasons to stockpile ammo?

Ammo shortages are common.  Having a stockpile means you can go shooting when you choose, and not need to shop for the ammo that you need.
The government is stockpiling ammo.  Why shouldn't you have the ammo you want ?

 Ammo bans are always a worry.  Stockpile the ammo you want to guard against ammo bans making the caliber you need unavailable. 

Ammo prices are often increasing.  Stockpiling ammo when prices are lower allows you to have what you need at a price you are willing to pay.  

As a responsible gun owner, it is your responsibility to keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.




Shop with me and take a tour of the guns available at the Cabela's Gun Library in Anchorage, Alaska.  

I have purchased many guns there, the selection varies, prices are fair and negotiable.  You never know what will be available at the Cabela's Gun Library, check it out when you shop or online.  

As a responsible gun owner, it is your responsibility to keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.










The Gun Library is a specialty section in Cabela's that sells used or pre-owned guns, many of them still brand new.  I saw the largest selection ever at the Anchorage Cabela's Gun Library.  

Some of the guns offered on this trip to Cabela's in Alaska included the Anderson MFG AM-15, Colt SP-1, Ruger SR-556 Takedown,  Remington Model 4 Takedown, AR-15, hunting rifles Kimber Model 8400 375 H&H magnum, Weatherby Vanguard lasermark, 300 wby mag, Weatherby Mark V 300 win mag, TNW  MFG ASR 10 mm, Ruger M77 Hawkeye 416 Ruger, Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor,  Steyr Tactical HB 308 win,  Winchester Pre 64 Model 70 30 gov't 06,  Winchester pre 64 Model 70 300 H&H, Winchester 70 Super Grade 300 H&H mag, Wincheser Pre 1964 M70 30-06 sprg,  Larue Tactical Model LT-15 556mm 223 cal, Marlin 308MX, Browning 81L/BLR 30-06,  Winchester model 71 348 wcf,  Henry Lever Rimfire 22 cal,   Marlin 1895G 45-70, Henry Silver Boy 17 HMR, Pedersoli Sharps 45-70 cal,  Big Horn Armory SpikeDriver 500 S&W, Thomas 1927 A1 45 auto, Birmingham 1871 pistol 65 caliber,  Ruger Flat Gate single six 1956 engraved,  Anderson MFG AM-15, IWI Tavor SAR 556 Nato, and more.  Watch the video to see the current prices on guns.

It is always interesting to shop for guns at gun shows or the gun library at Cabela's.  You never know what guns you will find for sale.  You can check out the current inventory on their website. 


Legendary Guns of the West in Phoenix, Arizona has a great selection of guns.  If you are looking for range guns, hunting guns, specialty guns, self defense guns, cowboy action shooters, and hard to find ammunition, rare, match grades, and hard to find ammunition can be found at Legendary Guns.

Legendary Guns has a Class III/NFA license.

 Find the guns, ammo, holsters, and accessories you want for your shooting and self protection needs.  Everyone at Legendary Guns is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.  Ask questions, and learn from experienced gun owners.  

It is your responsibility to keep guns and ammo away from those who should never have access to them.




Cabela's in Arizona seems to have every caliber of ammo in stock  at a variety of price points.  Lots of ammo was available and people were stocking up at good prices.  How do these prices for ammo compare to where you live?  

It is your responsibility to keep guns and ammo away from those who should never have access to them.


I recently traveled to Oklahoma to attend the Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show, the largest gun show in the world.  The Tulsa Gun Show includes 4,200 tables of guns, ammo, and accessories related to guns, shooting, and hunting.  The most popular ammo calibers at the Tulsa Gun Show are the .223, 5.56, .22, and the 9 mm.  

The Tulsa Gun Show had lots of ammo available at great prices.  Find modern, rare, and antique ammo at the Tulsa Gun Show.  How do these prices compare to where you live?  

Be a responsible gun owner.  Know that it is your responsibility to keep guns and ammo away from those who should never have access to them.


 Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun.
 Carry only empty guns, taken down or with the action open, into your car, camp and home.
 Always be sure that the barrel and action are clear of obstructions.
 Always carry your gun so that you can control the direction of the muzzle.
 Be sure of your target before you pull the trigger.
 Never point a gun at anything you do not want to shoot.
 Never leave your gun unattended unless you unload it first.
 Never climb a tree or a fence with a loaded gun.
 Never shoot at a flat, hard surface or the surface of water.
 Do not mix guns and alcohol.


If you are a hunter, you need binoculars and a rifle scope for the best shot.  Use binoculars to scout your area, then use the scope to zero in on your best shot.

Never use your scoped rifle to scout an area.

Never point your rifle anywhere you don't intend to shoot.  

Scouting with your scope is a careless pointing or your rifle all over your hunting area, including at other hunters.  Binoculars were designed to see and define distant objects  Scopes are for aiming.  Use binoculars to be a more effective hunter, while staying safe in the out of doors.



If you are spending time in bear country personal protection is a survival factor, whether you are hiking or hunting.  Hunters would of course carry a rifle. It’s prudent to be armed when in bear country and be ready to protect yourself. The number one defense against bears is your brain. Use caution and be bear aware when out in the woods.  

Give bears, especially a sow with cubs, plenty of space. Make noise so that bears know you are there, and carry bear spray if it is legal. Firearms should only be used as a last resort to defend yourself from a bear, and only if it is legal.  

I carry a Smith and Wesson Airlite .357 magnum with special bear loads.  It is double action, with a 2 inch barrel.  Bears may bluff charge you, turn and leave.  Use a shot to scare a bear, and the remainder to drop a bear if attacked.  As with any gun,  find the one that best suits your needs, and practice.  

If you know your location presents a risky situation, carry more than a handgun, or stay out of the area.  People who don't have training and experience with a gun in any situation, much less a  bear attack, risk injuring themselves or the people around them.



I love the accuracy of my 1940's Browning. 22 Take-down.  It's the ultimate .22 small game rifle. A classic, well designed and well built firearm of steel and wood, the Browning Take-down comes apart in 2 pieces.  This is the first time I shot this little rifle; it's smooth and easy, accurate and fun.  My Browning .22 caliber will be great for plinking or hunting small game.

This Browning .22 Takedown is from the 1940's and a real find.  

The Browning 22 Semi-Auto rifle, also known as the Semi Automatic 22 or SA-22, is still produced by Browning beginning in 1914 and continued through 1974 in Belgium.  Since 1974 they are produced by Moriku in Japan.

The SA-22 was the first production semiautomatic rifle chambered in .22 LR caliber, and is regarded as a classic firearm. It has been offered in several "grades" of engraving and gold inlay, and is a widely collected gun, especially those manufactured in Belgium.


Increase your visual acuity and shoot with better accuracy with Sniper Edge from Go Time Gear.  Can you really increase visual acuity with a nutritional supplement?  The answer is YES! Sniper Edge from Go Time Gear includes compounds shown to enhance visual acuity, have a sharper focus, and give you mental clarity.  Sniper Edge from Go Time Gear allows you to notice fine details, subtle colors, and enhances overall eye health.  Sniper Edge from Go Time Gear combines 40 pharmaceutical grade Ingredients that give your sharper focus while improving your ability to concentrate and stay at your peak. 
Try Sniper Edge, a combination that includes vitamins, mineral, and supplements proven to improve visual acuity, give sharp vision, laser focus, steady nerves, and enhance mental endurance.


If you enjoy shooting and hunting, check out Sniper Edge, the Number 1 mental performance tool of choice.  Sniper Edge from Go Time Gear is a cutting edge nutritional supplement specially formulated to help you hit your target.  Sniper Edge combines over 40 vitamins, minerals, and pharmaceutical grade ingredients that can jump start your brain.  I have been using Sniper Edge, and it really gives me the results I want.  Sniper Edge can give you laser focus, deep concentration, and the peak mental processing power we all crave.  I like that Sniper Edge offers me the ability to keep going when others may quit.  If you are looking for a nutritional supplement based on science that can keep you at the peak mental processing power, try what I did.  Achieve the shooting and hunting success that you want with Sniper Edge from Go Time Gear.  Be the best success at hunting and shooting.  


Holiday gifts for hunters are easy to choose when you check out this list of favorite items.  From Gaiters to dog chest protectors, be assured you will find a gift a hunter will love as a gift at Christmas and all year round.  

Here is a list of the items reviewed and a link to find them.

Kenetrek Hunting Gaiters

Stormy Kromer Ranch Cap

Kahtoola Micro Spikes

Filson Dog Chest Protector

Diaper Dude Camo Diaper Bag

Peet Portable Boot Dryer 

Sol All Weather Fire Cubes

Aquamira Water Basics Filter Bottle

SOL Survival Medic Kit


 Have you seen the Folding Pocket Knife the size of a Credit Card?  How does it open and close?  Is is safe or sturdy?  Watch how to open and close the credit card knife.  

The folding pocket knife is high quality stainless steel for durable use.  The same size as a credit card, it can fit in your wallet or bag to go everywhere with you.  It has an effective lock designed to hold the blade down.  

Make sure to remove your credit card knife from your wallet, purse, or pocket before heading to the airport and TSA checkpoint.

I had one confiscated in New York City when boarding the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.



Are you wondering what ammo to use in your gun?  Ammo comes in different lengths, shapes, diameters, and in different calibers and gauges.  Locate the data stamp on your barrel. Factory ammunition almost always has a number stamped on the base of the cartridge case. The numbers identify the cartridge.  Make sure the numbers on the barrel match the numbers on the ammunition before you shoot. 

If you do not correctly match the ammo to the firearm it can become lodged in the gun, explode, and cause injury to you or others.  

Older firearms and custom firearms might not be marked, or the barrel or chamber may have been changed. If you need more information or you don’t know the correct ammunition for your rifle, take it to a gunsmith.

Don't take risks, firearms are dangerous.  Use the ammunition designed for your gun.  If you have a question about what ammo to use in your gun, talk to a qualified gunsmith or reputable gun shop.  

Keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.





Stalking Tactics are simple.  Stay out of sight, stay downwind, stay still.  Use your binoculars, never your scope to glass for animals.  You should never be pointing your gun at anything you are not prepared to shoot.   In a group, walk single file, stay in the shadows, and take simultaneous steps so there is only one foot fall.  

Look for wet grass, dry areas, or flat rocks to place your feet.  Stay aware of your surroundings.  We encountered lion tracks on this hunt.  Keep calm and take your time for the best shots.  Stay out of sight, stay downwind,  stay silent.  These are stalking tips anyone can perfect for spot and stalk hunting.  Thank you Majune Safaris.

The Meyerco 10pc Game Cleaning Set offers extreme performance in an affordable package.  It includes a rubber gripped, stainless steel knife, folding bone saw, gut hook, and more to clean your wild game swiftly.



Are you heading on Safari or to hunting camp?  Refamiliarize yourself with your rifle.  Check your scope for accuracy.  Pay attention to shoulder pressure, trigger pull, follow through.  Visualize every bullet impacting your target.  Stay physically and mentally connected to your rifle and your shot.  

Be ready to hunt as soon as you set out from camp.  The first animal you spot may be the one you want.  Follow these tips to improve your shot.  

The Caldwell Deadshot front rest bag provides you with a solid support to take your best shot.  Whether you are practicing, siting in your rifle, or taking only seconds to set up your shot, a bag rest allows you to keep your shot steady and accurate.  These shot bags are heavy duty, weatherproof, and have a sturdy strap for easy transportation.  This one is filled with ground corn cob granules and weighs 9.2 pounds.


If you have an AR No matter what gun you have, the first rule of gun safety is to treat every gun as if it were loaded.  Here is how to  make sure your AR-15 or my gun, the Colt M4 LE6920 is unloaded.  Press down on the magazine release button, magazine will come out.  Make sure it is unloaded and set it aside.  Press the bolt catch button on the bottom, and hold it down.  While you hold it done, grab the charging handle, push the release and pull back.  

It will release, your AR chamber is open and you can look to see if it is unloaded and safe.  Keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.

Make sure to get a good cleaning kit for your AR.  This military kit includes a cleaning brush, bronze bore brush, bronze and stainless steel cleaning brush, a 6 piece cleaning rod, and a small plastic bottle you can fill with oil or solvent.

The kit includes an Olive Drab nylon pouch with 2 compartments and Velcro and snap closures.



If you have been shopping for .22lr ammo, the prices have been coming down.  I have not seen any 22 caliber ammo at Cabela's for a while, and found 22lr ammo at Cabela's today at the best price in a long time.  Head over to Cabela's or keep your eye out for .22lr ammo at these prices.

 Remington .22 lr Golden Bullet Value Packs include 525 bullets and .22lr Remington Thunderbolts have 500 bullets, or a brick.  Keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.


If you have an AR-15 rifle, you know you need to keep it clean.  A gun cleaning kit can be expensive to assemble, or come with parts you may not need.  Check out the Cabela's Competition Series Caliber Specific Cleaning Kits.  The Cabela's Caliber Specific Cleaning Kits includes the tools and accessories you need to clean your gun.  

This kit is for an AR-15, and is labeled for .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber.  The Cabela's kits are available for pistols and rifles, in assorted calibers.  

Clean your gun after shooting it so that it will be in top condition to fire accurately when you choose to shoot.  

Keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.

 My AR is a Colt M4 LE6920. No matter what brand of rifle you own, keeping your guns clean is paramount to best performance.



What are shotshells?  When do you use shotshells?  If you are looking for pest and varmint control, shotshells from CCI may be just the ammo for you.  Shotshells are bullets loaded with shotgun pellets that you shoot from a handgun at close range at snakes, mice, gophers, troublesome varmints.  Shotshells are designed to be use at arms distance, and are not the ammo to use for personal protection.  Shot shells do the trick to eliminate snakes and pests at close range.


Are you looking for ammo to build your stockpile?  Check out Cabela's.  I recently shopped for ammo at Cabela's in Arizona, and found the shelves to be nicely stocked and reasonably priced.  Every caliber seemed to be available, so you can stock up on whatever ammo you need.   I am always on the lookout for ammunition.  I like to shoot at the range, plink in the desert, hunt, and have ammo for personal protection.  Store your ammo in a cool dark place and it will last for years.  

Keep guns and ammo out of the hands of those who should have no access.


Today I went to a gun show in Mesa, Arizona put on by Crossroads of the West.  I found ammo for my Winchester model 70 375 H&H Magnum in solid point and soft point.  22 long rifle ammo was available from $100 a brick to $56 a brick.  Always look around at a gun show before you buy to make sure you get a good idea of prices and get the best price.  I found a fabulous 1900 Colt revolver  .38 caliber with a 4 3/4 inch barrel that has ivory grips.  How to tell if your ivory grips are authentic?  Turn your revolver over and look at the bottom.

Charleville 1777 French Flintlock

I purchased this Charleville French 1777 Flintlock copy made in Italy at a gun show in Arizona.  A replica of a 1777 Flintlock can be a great way to be able to own a historical black powder cap and ball pistol.  This is a beautiful replica that shoots .69 caliber ball.  The Charleville Flintlock is a single shot with a 7 inch barrel and button head ramrod stored on the frame.  A well made replica is a great way to own a piece of history in guns.


Gun Shows are a great place to learn more about guns and ammo and find guns and ammo at reasonable prices.  The Glendale, Arizona Gun Show, sponsered by AZ Gun Radio, had high quality first generation Colt Single Action Army revolvers, Belgian Pinfire Revolvers, Zombie Hammers and Whackers, Marbles Game Getters, Taylor Fur Getters, and knives.  I bought a U.S. Engineers Standard 30 Cap Exploder dynamite blasting box by Fidelity Electric Company of Lancaster, PA.  Gun Shows are a great place to find interesting guns and ammo, survival gear, and more. 22 Magnum ammo was available for 24 dollars a box.  It is your responsibility to keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.


I went to the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Phoenix, and want to share some of the things I bought, including my First AR-15 Rifle.  I bought a Colt M4 Carbine semi-automatic LE6920 which shoots 223 Remington ammo and has a 16 inch barrel.  

I also bought a replica World War 1 U.S. 1918 trench knife, a few historical books, P38 emergency can openers, a tekmat for my Colt Single Action Army, and more.  Gun shows are a great resource to buy guns, ammo, survival gear, hunting gear, and learn about guns and ammo.  Keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.

I bought a replica of a U.S. 1918 trench knife at the Crossroads of the West gun show.  I had never seen one before, and am very impressed.  This knife is sturdy, sharp, and has a very strong handle with built in defense components.  It measures 11 3/8 inches, with a blade length of 6 1/4 inches.  The blade is stainless steel, and the handle has a knuckle guard and spike pommel.  It is intuitive how this is used for self defense, and I think it is something everyone should want.  

Get a 1918 trench knife for your Bug Out Bag, keep in your car, or even by the bed.  Not just for military collections, this trench dagger design saved many lives during World War 1.  Perhaps it could save yours in an emergency situation.


Do you love gun shows?  Wickenburg, Arizona is a small western town just west of Phoenix.  Wickenburg has a wonderful, small gun show each year.  Here are the things I chose at the gun show in Wickenburg, Arizona this year.  I bought a TekMat for my AR-15, Winchester Wildcat .22lr ammo.  I bought a box of Brown Bear .223 Remington, which is made in Russia.  

I bought a  model of a French Charleville 1777 .69 caliber black powder cap and ball pistol.  This Charleville 1777 model was made in Italy.  I found a belt of 124 rounds of .30.06 ammo in blanks from a Browning M1917 machine gun.  The bullets are marked 1952 and 1953, so are from the Korean War.  

Gun shows are a great place to pick up guns, ammo, and memorabilia.  I love gun show finds.


Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range in Camp Verde, Arizona, has a fabulous indoor shooting range for archery, pistols, and rifles.  Located just west of Highway 17 next to the Out Of Africa attraction, Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range rents guns, sells guns, ammo, emergency supplies, archery equipment, military gear, personal protection classes, and more.  

A family run business, Copper Star Shooting Range has knowledgeable and helpful staff to help sportsmen and preppers.  I found a great little Browning take down semi automatic 22 rifle, and was able to try it out immediately.  Check out Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range if you travel between Phoenix, Sedona, and Flagstaff, Arizona.


Organize your gun cases so you can easily find the size you need to head out hunting, to the range, or out plinking.  Keep your gun cases organized, neat, clean, and readily available with the use of S hooks.  

Almost every gun case has a loop on one end which allows you to store your gun cases by hanging them for easy access.  

I can easily grab the size case I need when I am headed out for a fun adventure, no matter what sized gun I choose to take along.  Remember, it is up to you to keep guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.

These S hooks from uxcell come in a 10 pack. They are sturdy and strong, and work well for hanging gun cases, items from a pot rack in your kitchen, hold tools on the side of your grill, and even organize purses and accessories in your closet.  

I like hanging things up to help keep them visible and organized, whether it is gun cases, barbecue tongs, or handbags.  



The Arizona Antique and Collectior Firearm Show in Mesa, Arizona has a fantastic selection of guns, ammo, holsters, artifacts, and more.  Held January 9 - 10, 2016,  this gun show is sponsored by Crossroads of the West gun shows.  Always well stocked, well priced, with reputable gun dealers willing to share knowledge with all those in attendance.   A great way to learn more about guns, whether you are a fan of antique or modern firearms, is to attend a gun show and spend time looking, listening, and asking questions.  Check out my video for a few of the fantastic guns available at the Arizona Antique and Collector Firearm Show.

1911 Colt Gun Cleaning Kit From World War 1

Gun Cleaning Kit  If you are interested in historical guns or military memorabilia, you will enjoy having a look at this 1912 Squad Gun Cleaning Kit from World War I.  While this kit has many pieces missing, I was pleased to find it at a gun show.  It has a metal case with US embossed on the top, a wooden and brass rack, an oil can, grease can, cleaning rod, cleaning brushes, and cleaning tools.  I can tell this gun cleaning kit was used many times, and the marks and missing parts give me wonder on who held this gun cleaning kit, World War I battles this kit may have witnessed, and where the missing parts are today.  This kit was designed to clean 1911 Colt .45 automatics used by the military during World War I.  Thank you to those who sacrificed for our freedom.

Henry Mare's Leg 44 Magnum H006

Henry Mares Leg  Henry Mare's Leg .44 Magnum H006 series is a fun lever action.  It takes 44 Remington or 44 special ammo and holds 5 bullets in a tubular feed.  The over sized loop gives you all kinds of options for working the action.  Relive your childhood in cowboy movies with a Rifleman or Wanted Dead or Alive lever action Mare's Leg rifle.  Keep guns away from those who shouldn't have them.

Legal Guns Confiscated In New York

Legal Guns Confiscated in New York  Where ever you live, learn the guns laws.  New York allows law enforcement to seize guns of pistol permit holders 15 days after their death.  Police are targeting gun owners.  Protect your gun collections and family by learning the laws and how to protect yourselves and your investment.  


How To Make Scent Blocker

Make Scent Block  Are you a hunter?  Deer smell the air, the ground, and you.  Make a simple scent blocker spray from common household ingredients to conceal and control your scent for a more successful hunt.  Combine water, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and unscented body wash.  Stir and cover loosely, store in the dark for 3 days, and fill a spray bottle.  Before your hunt, wash all your clothes and yourself in unscented soaps, bring unscented toiletries to camp.  Continue to use your spray at camp.  Home Made scent blocker can help you have a more successful hunt.  Pack your scent blocker along with your gear and guns.

TulAmmo Review

Have you tried TulAmmo?  Made in Russia, TulAmmo, sometimes called Tula Ammo, is a popular and inexpensive steel center fire ammo for pistols and rifles such as 9 mm, 40, 45  223, 308,  calibers and more.  TulAmmo is mostly steel, has brass ammo called Brass Maxx. Problems with this ammo have been reported.  Problems are that this ammo jams, doesn't eject properly, failure to discharge, and more.  Don't buy ammo just by price.  Choose ammo that is accurate, reliable, and will not damage your firearms.  Should you stockpile TulAmmo?  I would say no.

Ammo Prices Sportsmans Warehouse Alaska

Are you looking for ammo to build your stockpile?  Check out Sportsman's Warehouse.  I recently shopped for ammo at Sportsman's Warehouse in Anchorage, Alaska and found the shelves to be nicely stocked and reasonably priced.  There are gaps in the shelves, but every caliber seemed to be available.   I am always on the lookout for ammunition.  I like to shoot at the range, plink in the desert, hunt, and have ammo for personal protection.  Sportsman's Warehouse has about one fourth the amount of ammo I found at Cabela's, yet included a full variety.  Store your ammo in a cool dark place and it will last for years.  Keep guns and ammo out of the hands of those who should have no access.

Where To Find Ammo- Cabela's Anchorage, Alaska

I shopped at Cabela's in Anchorage, Alaska, and was glad to find an abundance of ammunition, and they were putting out more.  Cabela's is well stocked with, even has 22LR ammo on the shelf.  After long periods of not finding the ammo that I want, I was glad to see well stocked shelves of ammo and good prices at Cabela's.  Check out Cabela's where you live and stock up the ammo you  need. Our society is ruled by fear uncertainty and doubt, and we never know when the availability for responsible gun owners to buy  the ammo they want could be taken away.   I want to have enough ammo in the calibers I like to be able to shoot my guns when I choose.  Stock up on ammo when you find it available and at a price you can afford.  The best way to store ammo is in a cool dry place; it will last and be reliable .  Keep all guns and ammo away from those who should have no access.

Booby Trapped Ammo Warning

Booby Trapped Ammo?  AlaskaGranny can be very naive, and I was not aware of the horror of war which includes booby trapping ammo, including by the USA and the CIA. The New York Times is reporting about the threats of booby trapped ammunition, so you need to be mindful of where your ammo is manufactured.  It isn't as apparent as we would like to believe.  The risk is probably minimal, but the threat of booby trapped ammunition is something to know.  We have the right to keep and bear arms, to take our guns out to shoot at the range, in the desert, or hunting.  The threat of booby trapped ammo may be another reason the government may try to limit our access to buy and stockpile ammo.  Read the fine print, and stock up on the ammo you want while it is still available.  Remember, as a gun owner it is your responsibility to keep guns and ammo away from those who should never have access to them.


Are you looking for a big bore gun for hunting the biggest animals?  Check out the Winchester 70 .375 H&H Magnum.  This one has traveled with me to Africa, and makes long, accurate shots.  I like the three click safety.  This particular Winchester 70 .375 has a specially coated barrel to prevent sun glare while hunting.  This rifle is heavy, but accurate.  Check out a Winchester 70 .375 Magnum if you are planning a hunt for the biggest species.  

Reasons to Stockpile Ammo

Stockpile ammunition while you have a chance.  We know ammo prices are going up.  We know ammo bans happen.  We know ammo shortages are happening, for all calibers.  The government is trying to limit our rights to have guns and purchase ammo.  The government is also stockpiling 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.  The military uses at most 60 million rounds a year.  Law enforcement uses 15 million rounds per year.  The world is a dangerous place, and we don't know what the future holds.  Stockpile ammo while you can, so you can shoot your guns when you choose.  Always store guns and ammo safely.


I recently went shopping for ammunition at Cabela's in Anchorage, Alaska, and was pleased at how much ammo is available, and the wide range of calibers they had in stock.  Lots of the ammo was on sale so prices were reduced.  The only ammo out of stock, as usual, was 22 caliber.  I was able to get the last brick of 22LR ammo, so I am pleased about that.  Compare the prices to ammo prices where you live.  Make sure you are stockpiling  the calibers of ammo that you need whether for hunting, trips to the gun range, or plinking in the desert.


I have a pair of Colt Single Action Army pistols, a matched set.  These old Colts are 2nd generation, and are .357 Magnum, which is not traditional.  These Colt pistols shoot either a .357 mag or a .38.  This pair is typical and popular with Cowboy Action Shooters who compete in Fast Draw.  The action is finely tuned for Quick Draw and could be used in competition.  They have a Bob James Action.  Bob James, a fabulous gunsmith and Colt expert, is also 4 time World Champion in Fast Draw.  These Colts are blued, color case hardening, 5 1/2 inch barrels, and custom wood stocks.  I love old Colts and how fun they are to shoot and collect.


Make a bed roll for cold, wet, snowy camp outs and hunting trips.  Each layer adds warmth, and the canvas outer layer adds protection from wind, rain, or snow.  Assemble this at home, roll it, then toss it on your cot or on the ground at camp.  This bed roll does the trick when you are at the coldest hunting camp.  A bed roll is a great way to sleep in comfort at a remote Alaska cabin.

Henry Golden Boy 22 Magnum

The Henry Golden Boy .22 Magnum lever action is a quality made firearm.  This is a classic lever action with a Western style lever.  This model has a 20 inch octagonal barrel, and weighs 6 3/4 pounds.  The Magnum holds 12 rounds, is accurate, and fun to shoot.  The Henry Golden Boy .22 Magnum is a great Western style lever action, and the most popular lever actions available today.  Made in America, check out the Henry Golden Boy if you want a smooth action at  reasonable price.


I recently attended a gun show in Anchorage, Alaska, and thought I would share the prices of ammo here.  I was glad to find some .22 ammo available, as I have not found any in stores the last few months.  Gun shows are a great place to find rare or old ammo.  An impressive collection of old Colts caught my eye, so I am sharing them for others to enjoy.  If you are a lover of old Colts, this should intrigue you.  The Colts were quite expensive, which leads me to believe the owner doesn't really want to sell his nice collection.  I was able to pick up a few interesting items.  Gun shows are always fun and a learning experience.


Do you enjoy hiking, camping, or fishing in the out of doors?  If so, you may find yourself in bear country.  If you are looking for a bear deterrent, check out the Orion Bear Deterrent Launcher and Shells.  The Orion Bear Deterrent is a plastic launcher that looks like a gun, but is not considered a firearm.  Load the launcher, hold it straight up, and fire a shell overhead if you encounter a bear.  The Orion gives a loud bang and light blast to scare bears away.  This is a great solution for bear safety if you are unable or unwilling to use a firearm or bear spray.  The Orion Bear Deterrent is an affordable way to add an element of safety to your outdoor activities.  This is a product to consider for your safety in bear country.


If you live in an area that allows pepper spray, you may want to consider the Mace Pepper Gun.  It has a range of 20 feet, and comes with practice cartridges that fill with water.  It has an LED strobe to help you with your aim.  The Mace Pepper Gun seems like it would do the trick to aid in personal protection in emergency situations.  Check your local rules and regulations before you carry this item.


The Stoney Point Polecat Monopod Trigger or Shooting Stick is an extremely handy hunting tool.  This shooting stick expands from 19 to 40 inches with a twist, has a hiking stick hand grip, and a rubber tip that holds fast in rocky, wet, or slippery climates.  The swivel V-yoke gun holder ensures a spot on and steady shot.  If you are looking for a monopod that can hold your rifle steady while you make long shots, this one works nicely.  It is lightweight, and I used it for a hiking stick in rocky terrain, even though it is short.  I made 2 perfect shots after hiking in cold wind and rain over rocky wet terrain.  I love the Stoney Point Polecat Shooting Stick.

I like hunting in rocky wet or uneven terrain with a monopod shooting stick.  It can double as a hiking stick, and help you across rocky streams and steep trails.  I have taken mine around the world because it collapses and stows in my suitcase.  You can't find a sturdy stick in places like the Arctic, and I like knowing I can jam my monopod into the ground to steady a long shot.  I have taken caribou with 1 shot at 150 yards in pouring rain and howling wind with the help of my Polecat.  AlaskaGranny earned respect in that camp!



If you are a hiker, camper, fisherman, or simply enjoy spending time in the out of doors, you may find yourself in bear country on one of your adventures.  Check out safety guidelines around bears, and consider products to help keep you safe.  Not everyone wants or is allowed to carry a gun, so spray can be a good alternative.  Remember, never approach bears, make noise in the woods, and try to look big if you see one.  Bears don't want to encounter you any more than you want to see them.




Are you a gun owner?  If you are a fan of guns, hunting, and shooting, you may like to have a house key the shaped like real guns.  The keys are realistic looking, like one of your favorite guns.  These keys are available in Schlage or Kwikset house key blanks, and I enjoy the whimsical nature.  The gun keys come shaped like pistols, rifles, semi automatics,  revolvers, 45mm, and more.   


Do you know a hand gun enthusiast?  How about surprising them with a key shaped like a 9 mm or 45 mm? What about an AK 47?  I found and bought a few keys shaped like my favorite hunting rifles.  



They are printed on both sides, and look great.  Have this one cut to fit your Kwikset or Schlage lock.  Look for them at your local locksmith shop, or order here and take them to have them cut.  


My favorite key is the hunting rifle, and that is the one I chose.  I like the look of an authentic looking hunting rifle for my house key.  You will know which key is which next time you are "rifling around" for your keys!



The High Standard Supermatic Trophy is a .22lr caliber semi-automatic pistol from the 1950's.  This gun has a fluted barrel, 2 barrels, 7 1/2 and 5 1/2 inches,  2 removable weights, and has an adjustable sight.  This gun is easy to load and shoot.  High Standards are very accurate, and well made.



This authentic Philadelphia Derringer was manufactured between 1850-1860 by Henry Deringer.  It has German silver and brass accessories, and a hidden compartment at the bottom of the stock to hold extra caps.  Always check the number of grooves in the barrel to tell if a Derringer is authentic.  A real Derringer will have 7 grooves.


I had the pleasure to travel to Wasilla, Alaska, to meet with David Johnston of Diamond D Custom Leather.   David and his company have created an innovative chest holster from 100% top quality leather that includes an easy to wear shoulder strap.  Toss it over your shoulder, pull up the strap, clip, and tug to adjust.  This holster carries your gun at the core of your body, while allowing you to wear heavy jackets, backpacks, and waders, all the time keeping your gun handy, convenient, and safe.  Adjust where you wear your gun to allow you to also wear binoculars and rangefinders.  

Check out Diamond D Custom Leather for the Guide's Choice Chest Holster, or any other of their quality hand crafted leather holsters, belt, and more.



The Guides Choice Chest Holster is designed, tested, and made in Alaska.  It is custom made to fit your gun of choice.  I prefer a Smith and Wesson revolver, but the Guides Choice is available for which ever handgun and caliber you prefer. 



Are you looking for a unique, innovative survival tool that really works?    Check out the Firebug Survival Tool available at Diamond D Leather in Wasilla, Alaska.  Listen to David Johnston explain how and why a 13 year old created this handy, life saving tool.  Check out the Firebug, and hand made leather holsters and belts at Diamond D Custom Leather.  


Whenever you head out the door, be prepared for anything that may come your way.  Most of our days are routine, even boring.  With a tiny emergency kit that can clip on your key ring, jacket zipper, purse strap, or backpack, you will be prepared.  The Friendly Swede Grenade includes everything: fire starter, tinder, stainless steel knife, fishing kit, foil, needle, and wire all wrapped in paracord, held with a carabiner.  What if you had to really rely on what you have on hand?  Prepare for the unexpected, not just the routine.




David Johnston of Diamond D Custom Leather in Wasilla, Alaska, allowed me to take a tour of his custom leather workshop, and show you how they hand make holsters, belts, and more to fit your gun.  He has 14 employees, and ships custom holsters, belts, knife sheaths, and more all over the world.  My favorite is the Guide's Choice Chest Holster.  Check out their quality hand crafted leather holsters and belts here.


Henry Golden Boy Rifles are fun to shoot, and I continue to collect them.  This Henry is an engraved model with an octagonal barrel. This rifle is well balanced, weighs 6 3/4 pounds, is accurate, and holds 16 rounds of .22LR bullets.  Henry Golden Boys are rarely found used, as they are fun family guns.  This video shows how to load the tubular chamber, how to work the action, and shoot the Henry Golden Boy.


If you are looking for a simple to use, light weight, and accurate hand gun for personal protection, the Smith and Wesson .38 Special Airweight  may be just what you want.  Revolvers are simple to use, and don't jam like a semi automatic.  In times of emergency, I don't want to mess with clips, and may not have the strength in my hands in an emergency to chamber a bullet.  

Make sure you keep your gun safe from children, and those who should not have access to it.  Treat every gun as if it is loaded.   If you do decide to get a gun, practice with it so you know how to use it.  


This revolver is a Colt Single Action Army 1873 pistol that I found at a gun show in Arizona.  This one was manufactured in the 1960's and takes .22LR ammo.  It has a 7 1/2 inch barrel, and has a fast action for fun, easy shooting.  Smaller caliber Colt revolvers are nice for smooth shooting.  Remember to look carefully at each detail before purchasing a firearm.  Ask questions about any gun you choose to buy.  Knowledgeable individuals enjoy sharing information about guns.


The Remington 700 model rifle is my all time favorite hunting rifle.  The Remington model 700 is light weight, dependable, and accurate.  I have had many successful hunting trips with this rifle from the 1960's.  It has a Redfield scope, and a bipod shooting rest.



As a gun owner, you are responsible for safe storage, safe transportation, and safe use of all firearms and ammunition.  Prevent unauthorized access to your guns, keep them safe from theft, and protect them from fires, floods, and natural disasters likely to strike where you live. The number of guns that are stolen annually, and used to commit crimes is staggering.  Use your guns and ammo, but be responsible to protect them whether you are at  home, camp, traveling, or at the shooting range.


I have been cleaning my guns and taking an inventory of my ammo after very fun outings and lots of shooting.  I was surprised to find bare shelves of popular calibers at gun stores in my area.  I have not seen a shortage of ammo for many months, and it took me by surprise.  Inventory your ammunition, decide how much of each caliber you need on hand to be able to go out shooting when you choose, and try to have enough ammo on hand stored safely in a cool, dark place.  

There is no legal limit on how much ammo you may have.  We never know when ammunition will be needed for an emergency, or simply no longer available.  


If you plan to go hunting, on safari, or shoot a heavy gun, make shooting sticks from 3 bamboo poles and leather.  Lash your hunting sticks together at the top, cover 2 ends with leather to protect your.  The 2 with leather form your shooting platform, and you adjust the height with the third stick so it is the correct height for your best shot.  Shooting sticks help you make a long, steady shot.  Make a set and practice using them for better success on your hunts.


I recently acquired this 1894 Winchester Lever Action.  This particular gun was manufactured in 1896, and takes .38-55 caliber center fire bullets.  It has been one of the most popular hunting rifles, weighing just under 8 pounds, and has a 22 inch octagonal barrel.  This lever action is fun to shoot!



If you are deer hunting, rattling for big bucks can make your hunt more spectacular and successful.  Try these tips for rattling in the big bucks.  Bucks approach fighting sounds from downwind.  Start slowly, pound them on the ground, scrape them on a tree, rattle them together rotating your body.  Wait, and repeat more loudly.  Give cautious bucks a chance to move in.  Follow these easy techniques for rattling in the big bucks.  Rattling antlers to bring in big bucks  has worked for me.  Let me know how this works for you.



The Primos Fighting Horns are made from polymer, and are made with the same structure as real antlers, so they produce realistic sounds.  They are lightweight and sturdy.  The long handles allow you to rattle in the big bucks without smashing your hand.  Hit them on the ground, rake them over a tree, rattle and turn.  Then the waiting begins.  Give it time, some bucks want to observe the fight, not get into it so may lag back a bit to your call.   



Have you ever heard of a Stonewall hand gun?  This little Derringer is actually a Stonewall, manufactured in Baton Rouge, Louisiana around 1860.  This Derringer is a .41 caliber, and has 4 grooves in the barrel.  Historical Derringers are interesting guns to own and collect.  Authentic Derringers from the South are rare, and hard to find.


I like the Hornady Critical Defense Ammo for my personal protection.  This ammo is designed according to the FBI Protocol guidelines, so will meet your personal protection needs.  Practice with your chosen firearm so you will know how to use it in an emergency situation.  Whether you carry a revolver or an automatic, Hornady Critical Defense Ammo is available in 32 caliber, 9 mm, 380, 38 special, 40, 10 mm, 44, and 45 calibers.  The Hornady Critical Defense Ammo has a minimal muzzle flash, so protects your vision at night or low light situations.


You are responsible for the safe handling and storage of all firearms and ammo.  Take the time to always handle them carefully, store securely, and teach these important safety rules to those around you.  Gun ownership is a right, and comes with tremendous responsibility.




As a gun owner, the safety and security of your firearms is your responsibility at all times.  It is up to you to secure your guns from theft and keep them inaccessible to those who should never have them.  

Guns are a big investment, so protect them from being stolen with a sturdy gun safe.  Look for features such as fire rating and touch pad locks when you shop for a gun safe.




The Winchester 1873 is known as "The Gun That Won The West."  This one was made in 1890, and is a 44-40 caliber.  It is fun to shoot, and has a light kick.  The Winchester 1873 is accurate, and the action is smooth. This particular lever action has been polished and re blued.  When inspecting guns, look for telltale polish lines, and if the engraving feels smooth as it was rubbed away and then filled in.  If you are looking for old guns for your collection, polished and re blued reduces the value.


The Engraved Henry Golden Boy .22 long rifle is a classic Western style lever action  firearm.  The brass engravings are well done.  It has a 20 inch octagonal barrel, and weighs 6 3/4 pounds.  This Engraved Henry Golden Boy uses .22 lr ammunition, and holds 16 rounds.  It is accurate, and fun to shoot.  The action is so smooth, I love it!


This Colt 1873 Single Action Army is a .32-20 caliber.  This particular firearm, a Peacemaker,  was made in August of 1908.  I love the smooth beauty of the Ivory handles, and the fast action makes it a dream to shoot.  I am a huge fan of first generation Colt revolvers.

Remember to look carefully at each detail before purchasing a firearm.  Ask questions.  Knowledgeable individuals enjoy sharing information about guns.


Whenever you go shooting, be sure to wear ear and eye protection.  A single gunshot can cause immediate and permanent hearing loss.  Look for NRR ratings of 25 or greater for ear protection, and Z87+ for eye protection.

Don't take chances with your eyes or ears. Wear protection each and every time you shoot or are with others who are shooting.

Shooting Safety Glasses

Always protect your eyes with shooting safety glasses.  Choose clear or colored lenses depending on your location.  Whether at an indoor range, plinking in the desert, or on a hunting safari, always protect your eyes.  Choose shooter's eye protection with wrap around lenses.



Always protect your hearing when you go to the gun range or hunting.  Loud noises can permanently damage your hearing, and is avoidable.  Use ear muffs or custom fitted earplug at the range, and carry disposables in your hunting gear.  Take the time to put them in when you or hunting companions are preparing for your shot.  I use a combination at the range.  Choose ear protection that are NNR rated at least a 25. 




Have you ever shot a Mare's Leg?  Manufactured by JB Custom, this is a superbly made firearm.  The quality is evident, and the 1892 lever action is smooth.  The JB Custom Mare's Leg shoots a 44-40 Winchester, and is considered a pistol.  I read that the Mare's Leg is illegal in California and New York.  Too bad, as this firearm will be fun!


The Rossi .45 Colt Ranch Hand Lever Action is a fabulous gun to shoot.  It is referred to as a Mare's Leg, and is a copy of the gun used by Steve McQueen in "Trackdown" and "Bounty Hunter".  It is like the original 92 Winchester that was cut down to make a Mare's Leg, shoots .45 long colts, and is manufactured in Brazil.  The Mare's Leg is only 25 inches long.

 I spotted this Mare’s Leg at Cabela's in the Gun Library, and had to have it.  Not accurate in my hands, but with practice comes improvement.  Playing "Rifleman" and shooting from the hip and thigh was fun, for a while.  I have bruises to match the gun stock!  If you are looking for a fun gun to shoot, look for a Rossi .45 Colt Ranch Hand.



When shopping for guns or other items with intricate details, take along a Kassoy magnifying light, and a jeweler's loupe.  These tools enable you to check for small markings and serial numbers.  Check to see if guns have been re blued, and that the numbers all match.  Look at the wear points, and that things such as screws are original.  Always check the bore. If it seems to good to be true, hmmmm.


When you shop or inspect guns, a light up magnifier allows you to closely inspect for serial numbers, altered parts, and damage.

Look carefully any time you choose a gun, and purchase guns from reputable individuals.  

Ask lots of questions.  Gun dealers have a lot of information, and are usually willing to share their knowledge.





A jeweler's loupe is a great tool to carry with you when you shop for guns.  

You can easily look up close for markings, serial numbers, and inspect if screws look original, and determine if a gun is in good shape.  

Use your loupe to inspect coins, stamps, artifacts, and rare stones. 



If you enjoy revolvers, try the Ruger Bearcat.  It weighs only 24 ounces, is 9 inches long, and fits nicely in my hand.  I can spend all day shooting a brick of .22 LR  with this single-action revolver.  It is accurate and fun to shoot.  The small size makes it easy to take along on outings.  Whether you are headed to the gun range or on a hike, take a Ruger Bearcat as one of your choices.


I shot blanks from my .22 Ruger Bearcat to demonstrate the power of a blank.  Be sure you realize a firearm is still very dangerous, even with a blank, and never play around with guns.  People have been killed by blanks, thinking they are using a gun that is basically unloaded.  Treat all guns as if they are loaded, and can kill!



Do you know the enemies of ammo, and what causes ammo to deteriorate?  Correctly storing ammo ensures that it will last for years.  There are many places to store ammo, and here is a plan for storing guns and ammo in damp environments with military issue metal ammunition cans.



Do you want to hunt in a faraway location, or want to travel for competitive shooting events?  Airline travel with guns and ammo is possible, if you know the rules and regulations.  Guns need to be in a locked case separate from ammunition.  Ammunition needs to be in its original package, in an ammo case in a separate piece of checked luggage.  Traveling with firearms is worth the hassle so you can hunt anywhere in the world you choose to travel.  

Tuffpak Gun Case Product Review

If you travel with guns, you will love the Tuffpak Travel Gun Case by Nalpak with TSA approved locks.  The Tuffpak is indestructible, and discreet.  You can safely take your guns and gear worldwide, knowing they are safe and secure.  Most people think you have golf clubs!  Always make sure your guns are unloaded, and pack your ammo in a separate suitcase.


Tuffpak Gun Case By Nalpak

Nalpak gun cases are the greatest.   They come in several sizes to fit all of your firearm needs.  I have used mine to travel all over the world, and love it.  There is room to stuff extra gear around your guns.  One bonus, when you are in camp, lock any belongings, passports, or valuables inside.  This is the most versatile gun case I have ever used.



Low Profile Concealed Carry Holster Made For The Real World

This clever concealed carry holster made by Gary Griffin is unique.  I like the design, and how easy it is to draw your weapon for personal protection.  It was a pleasure to meet him, and have him personally demonstrate his holster.   Check out his site at

How To Find Enough Ammo

Sometimes knowing how to find ammunition can be a challenge.  If you enjoy shooting or are concerned with self defense, you realize common calibers can be scarce.  I want to always have enough ammo on hand for hunting, plinking, self defense, and enough so that I am not concerned when social pressures rear up against gun ownership.  Try these strategies to build your supply.



Fobus Standard Paddle Holster

The Fobus holster was designed in Israel for military and special services use.  The Fobus is constructed of high density plastic, and is manufactured with injected molding.  

The Fobus holsters weigh a mere 2 ounces, and are unbelievably low profile.  The price, function, and quality of the Fobus holster make it a great choice for gun owners.





Smith & Wesson Airlite 357 Magnum

This is my firearm of choice when I am in bear country.  The purpose of this revolver is to scare a bear, not kill a bear.  The barrel is less than 2 inches, which makes a loud boom!    If I needed to, I could shoot him in the head at close range.  The Smith and Wesson Airlite .357 Magnum is double action, holds 5 rounds, and weighs just under 1 pound.  It has an aluminum frame, steel cylinder, and a synthetic grip.  This gun is handy, light weight, and allows me to be safe in the out of doors.

Blade Tech Holster Product Review

The Blade-Tech holster is hard sided, light weight, and secure.  My gun stays firmly holstered until I choose to take it out.  The gun comes out smoothly, and the holster stays put.  The holster has a plastic barb on the inside back that securely holds it to your clothing.  

It is not coming loose until you really want to remove it, yet can slide easily along your waistband to adjust it out of your way.  I am very happy with this dependable holster.  It allows me to safely carry my sidearm without worry of the gun falling out or the holster falling off.

Blade Tech Holsters

I like the simplicity of the Blade Tech holster for my handgun.  They are sturdy, light weight, and stay put.  Concealed or not, your handgun is readily available for personal protection.







Hyskore Pistol Racks For Gun Safes

I like the Hyskore pistol rack because of the foam material.  My guns are nestled into the foam, and will not slip around, even in an earthquake.  The foam adheres to the lining of my gun safe, and nothing moves around.

The pistol and handgun racks from Hyskore can be placed side by side to easily hold all of your pistols on the shelf.  I can easily reach in to select the gun I want, without bumping the others around.



I recently found this 1944 US Army mess kit at a gun show.  It is stainless steel, and includes a knife, fork, and spoon.  Did you know that a mess kit was actually designed to go through the mess line in the chow hall.  The divided side actually fits over the handle so a soldier could easily carry both sections full of food.  It works great to cook with, too.  This set came with silverware, and when folded up can hold the utensils and extra gear for cooking at camp outs or in emergency situations.

Mess kits are a great idea for camping or outdoor cooking.  Many of us remember using them at scout camp or family campouts.  They are still a great idea.  If you still have one, get it out,  dust it off, and try using it on your camp stove, your barbecue, or in your fire pit.  Learning how to prepare meals in the out of doors allows you fun and freedom.  Cooking out of doors also builds your confidence that you will be able to prepare a hot meal in emergency situations.  We don't know when our next camp out or power outage will be.  Knowing how to heat up food with a mess kit is knowledge to smooth those experiences.

How To Store Ammunition

Do you have lots of different calibers of ammo?  Keeping it organized so you can easily find what you need to go shooting can be quick and easy.  I label and store like calibers in ammo boxes, large boxes for shotgun calibers, and small boxes for rifle and handgun calibers.  Next time you are at a gun show, get a dental tool for ease in opening the boxes without tearing.  Drop a used hand warmer in each box to help alleviate any moisture issues.  Grab a gun, grab an ammo box, grab your eyes and ears protection, and you are ready to go! 

Properly storing ammunition will make sure that it will last.  I like the plastic ammo cans with a handle, and keep a different caliber in each one.  I label them, and then can grab the ammo I need to go with the gun I choose to go to the gun range, hunting, or out plinking in the desert.  Keep your ammo cool and dry.  Protect your investment so you will have the ammo you need when you want it.  Keep your ammo locked and away from those who should have no access to it.

Best Duffel Bag Condor Colossus

I purchased this Condor Colossus duffel bag to use for trips to the shooting range and hunting trips.  It has carry handles, shoulder strap, and backpack straps.  It is loaded with large, roomy pockets, and has sturdy zippers.  This Condor duffle can hold my guns, ammo, targets, eye and ear protection, and other gear for using my guns.  Check out the Condor Colossus for your shooting, camping, or hunting gear.  I love my new duffel. 


The Condor Colossus duffel bag is roomy and sturdy.  The main section has a U shaped zipper for easy access.  Then there are many smaller zippered compartments to keep your gear organized.  

Straps include a shoulder strap, backpacking straps, and standard carrying straps with several velcro straps.  There is a rubberized bottom which allows you to put it down anywhere.  




The Webley .455 is a World War I British handgun. The Webley has a top break or self extracting feature, and I like the way it opens and loads.  The Webley is powerful, yet easy to shoot at .455 caliber.  This type of revolver was used by the British military from 1887 until 1963.  This model was manufactured between 1900 and 1915.  I like historical guns, and the Webley is easy to shoot.  Finding ammunition to fit the Webley can be challenging, yet it is available.  Check out the Webley .455 revolver which have continued to be popular guns for target shooters.

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