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If your waders have lost their water resistance capabilities try using NIKWAX TX DIRECT spray on to coat the fabric and bring back the water resistance capabilities.  If you are using your gear, the waterproofing coatings rub and wear off.  Use NIKWAX with disposable gloves and a hair dryer to set the coating.  Make sure your waders or jackets are clean but they do not have to be dry.  Spray the NIKWAX , rub it in, allow it to dry flat.  Your fishing, hunting, and camping gear can all be repaired to be more waterproof with Nikwax.




My waders lost some of the water resistance capabilities.  I bought some of the NIKWAX TX DIRECT to reinvigorate the waterproof coating.  Patch any holes before you work on the waterproof layer.  NIKWAX TX DIRECT is simple to use on clean surfaces.  Your waders don't have to be dry, but they need to be clean.  Lay them flat, spray it on moving the bottle from side to side about 12 inches above the fabric.  Smear it around to make sure all surfaces are coated and their is no pooling.  Set the coating with a hair dryer.  The hair dryer should be on medium, and sweep it back and forth so it will not concentrate in just one area.  NIKWAX TX DIRECT works, and my waders worked great on my fishing trip.





To repair neoprene fishing waders, you need to figure out where your waders are leaking.  Try these tips to locate leaks in your waders.  Put on your jeans, then  your waders, and climb in the bathtub.  Leaks will show up as spots on your jeans.  Allow your waders to dry, turn them inside out.  

Now rub the leaky area with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol.  Or, head into a dark room with a flashlight  Once you locate your leaky spot, repair it with Gear Aid AquaSeal.  Allow it to dry 10-12 hours, and you are ready to fish again.

If you have outdoor gear, Aqual Seal repair adhesive by Gear Aid should be a part of your tool kit.  AquaSeal is 100 % waterproof, durable, and stays flexible.  I have used it to repair waders, rain boots, neoprene fishing gloves, and more.  Clean your surface, add the adhesive, and allow it to dry as flat as possible.  Then, close tightly and store AquaSeal in the freezer.  Get it out and allow it to thaw before you use it, and you will get more uses out of each tube.  



Are you looking for the easiest way to cook halibut?  Simply drop halibut pieces into a pot of boiling water with brown sugar and salt.  Allow the pieces to rise to the top, about 5 minutes, and your fish is ready to eat.  The halibut will be white, flaky, and moist.  Serve with melted butter for dipping.  This halibut is so delicious, people like to call it poor man's lobster because it seems as if you are eating lobster, or even crab or scallops.  This recipe is great for camping, too.  Who can't love a recipe that just boils water?  This is the best way to cook halibut cheeks.


When you go halibut fishing, know that the smaller fish are the best eating.  Like anything else, younger is more tender and delicious.  Notice the line down the center of the dark and light sides, and that is where you cut.  Start behind the gills and follow the lateral line.  

Slide your knife along the back bone.  Look for the stomach, you don't want that in your filet.  Know to leave the skin on when you are transporting your fish so it can be identified dark or light side, and cut in not less that 4 pieces plus 2 cheeks if still on a boat.  About half of the halibut will be delicious meat for you to eat.  We like to eat the halibut cheeks, but this gentleman tossed them away.  Limit 2 per day, size varies where you fish, so check regulations carefully.


We all know the benefits of eating more fish, and Halibut is a fabulous white fish to enjoy.  Preparing halibut is so simple, and anyone can do it. This basic recipe for pan fried halibut is healthy and easy.  

A bit of oil, salt and pepper, and your Lodge Logic Cast Iron or other pan is all you need. Grill halibut about 3-4 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness of the fish.

 Halibut is called white fish because it should be white and opaque when done.  Cook it until it is just done, so it will still be flaky and moist.  Halibut is my favorite fish to catch, and to eat!



Are you planning a fishing trip to Alaska, or any cold and rainy fishing location?  Be prepared for wet weather fishing by dressing in layers.   Layers are the best way to dress to stay warm and comfortable.  Avoid cotton clothing, as it will become, wet, heavy, and uncomfortable.  Start with a base layer of a dri-fit or quick dry type fabric that wicks moisture away while keeping you warm.  Next, fleece layers are the best for warmth.  Choose pullovers, zip up jackets, and vests.  Top it all with waterproof layers.  Have a rain suit, and a full waterproof suit for the most inclement weather.  Bring waders if you are heading to the rivers or streams.  

To truly enjoy a trip to the out of doors, make sure to wear the proper clothing to keep you dry and comfortable.  Now your only worry is having the strength to reel in the next big fish, rather than how cold or wet you are.  Choose a great pair of boots with rubber soles so you won't slip on the boat or beach.  Toss in gloves, hats, and a few comfort item.  Don't forget your camera.  You are set to have a great time on your fishing adventure, no matter the weather.  Fishing in Alaska is the greatest!



I love fishing, and like to take my Clean Machine AstroTurf Scraper Mat on fishing trips.  I can toss the mat on the ground or in a boat, and set my fish on it.  The Clean Machine mat holds the fish still, keeps my catch out of the dirt, and gives a solid, clean surface for cleaning the fish. Turn the mat over when you are done with your fish, and hose it or dunk it in the water.

 The fish guts and mess clean up easily.  The mat is clean, and your fish has not been in the dirt.  I love using the Clean Machine Scraper Mat for fishing, as well as for a door mat at my home and cabin.




If you plan on salmon fishing in Alaska this season, please notify the Alaska Department of Fish And Game if you harvest a salmon with a wire antenna protruding from the mouth with a yellow or orange tag on its back.  The ADF&G is studying Chinook and coho salmon in the Yentna and Susitna Rivers to learn more about spawning locations and estimate escapement.  There is not a penalty for this, it is a part of wildlife management.  Contact John Campbell, Fishery Biologist at 907-746-6378,  or email at


If you love salmon, here are tips on choosing the best salmon in the market.  This foil packet recipe for salmon is a family favorite at my house, easy, and delicious.  Foil packet salmon can be baked in the oven at 325 degrees for 6-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of your salmon.

To cook your salmon outdoors, place it on the barbecue, or in a campfire.  Salmon cooking in foil will stay moist, never dry.

 Foil packet cooking is easy, and requires no clean up.  One of my favorite ways to cook is in foil packets.  Easy and delicious with no clean up.




If you like fishing, you may have waders.  Care and cleaning of your fishing waders ensures your gear will last.  Careful cleaning can also help prevent the spread of invasive species.




Grilling a freshly caught fish is easy, and delicious.  Mix this simple marinade, then grill in a foil packet to keep your fish moist and tender.  This foolproof recipe works great with any fish, from trout to salmon.  You will love the flavors in the marinade.  This recipe uses basic ingredients and is simple to remember - use 1 tablespoon each.  Grill your fish from 8 - 10 minutes, and allow it to rest for 3 minutes to finish.  Tear open, and enjoy your fresh, moist, delicious fish.  Follow these directions on the grill, in the oven, or on a campfire. 
This recipe works with any fish, where ever you cook.   If you like it tangy, add 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard and fresh garlic.


If you hike, camp, or fish in the out of doors, you may find yourself in bear country.  If you are looking for a bear deterrent, check out the Orion bear deterrent launcher and shells.  This is a plastic launcher that looks like a gun, but is not considered a firearm.  Launch a shell overhead, and it gives a loud bang and light blast to scare bears away.  This is a great solution for bear safety if you are unable or unwilling to use a firearm or bear spray.  At around $40, the Orion Bear Deterrent is an affordable way to add an element of safety to your outdoor activities.  This is a product to consider for safety in bear country.


If you are planning to fish or hunt where bugs are a problem, try the Shannon Head Net with Face Shield.  This Double Guard Bug Tamer head net has a double layer of two different fabrics.  

Bugs may land on the outer layer, but they cannot penetrate through the second layer to bite.  The Shannon Head Net has a double layer collar with velcro closure to ensure it stays put and bugs are kept out.  

The long lengths of fabric allow you to tuck in the head net all the way around so it continues to protect you from bugs.  I have tried all types of bug head nets, and this is my favorite for keeping me safe from bug bites. 

Make sure you have some sort of bug net when you head outdoors.  Mosquito bites or black fly bites are just no fun.




If you love the flavor of fresh salmon, you know the best flavor begins when you choose your fish.  Here are tips on how to choose the best salmon when you shop, how to know if it is fresh, the wonderful nutrition of salmon, and why to buy wild instead of farm raised.  Did you realize wild salmon is more nutritious than farm raised?  Salmon is expensive, so make your grocery dollars count by knowing how to choose fresh salmon when you shop.


Copper River Reds are the first salmon of the season.  The Copper River is one of the swiftest, most rugged rivers anywhere.  Salmon must store extra fat and oils to survive the trip back upstream.  The higher fat and oil content in the Copper River Red Salmon makes for a healthier salmon.  That is why the Copper River Salmon are recognized as the world's best eating salmon.  If you want to eat the healthiest salmon, look for Copper River Red Salmon.   Look for it where you live, or call New Sagaya in Anchorage, Alaska and have fresh salmon, halibut, or crab shipped overnight.  I send fish from New Sagaya to my family in the Lower 48, and they love it.  Look them up at



Fire up your grill or campfire, and lay out foil for delicious, easy, and healthy tilapia grilled on a bed of peppers and onions.  This recipe for tilapia cooked in a foil packet is simple to make, and yummy.  You can also bake your tilapia foil packets in the oven for the same quick and easy meal.  Try it!



If you spend time in the out of doors around water, know how important it is to protect against invasive species.  Follow simple guidelines to prevent the spread of harmful plants and animals.  Clean plants, animals and mud from boats, motors, and trailers.  Remove water from boats before leaving the water access.  Dry equipment completely between each use.  Dump unused bait in the trash.  The balance of each ecosystem is unique and offers the recreation we enjoy.  Wash your gear between trips to different locations, and learn what threatens areas you frequent.

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