Time spent with my family is the best time of all.  I love sharing adventures, travel, outdoor activities, and meals.  We love grilling, smoking, and even share the love of crock pot cooking.  A true blessing is sharing the adventures with a new generation, the grandchildren.  I have a Granny Camp for outdoor camping fun and sharing my love for the the out of doors with the little ones.  I enjoy making up games, reading, and playing with my grandchildren.  I hope to share some of those adventures here.  

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Check out these must have Dollar Tree new summer toys. Little ones are sure to find a new top favorite Dollar Tree toy in the selection of sand toys, bubbles, bubble wands, battery bubble blowers, pool and beach toys. Watch the video to check out my laundry bag hack, and watch my baby grandson play in sand and pool with some of the new squirt guns and baby sand, beach, and pool toys.

Never leave children unattended around water.

Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed
Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed is a cat window mounted perch that  gives your cat a view of nature while relaxing and napping.  Four industrial strength suction cups hold up the cat window seat, and supports up to 50 pounds.  

Sunny Seat assembly?  It's easy to put together.  

How to assemble Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed
Snap together the pvc type frame.  
Attach 2 of the included suction cups to the ends of the bed frame. 
Thread the attached cables through the small button holes in the cover, and slide cover over the frame.
Attach 2 suction cups to ends of the cables.
Clean window with rubbing alcohol to ensure a good hold, press frame suction cups to window, keeping it level.
Attach 2 suction cups on cables above the seat, press firmly.

Use caution selecting the window for your cat's new sunny seat window seat bed. 

Sunny Seat Cat Bed Window Seat is a favorite with my cats.  I have had Sunny Seat window cat bed for a few months, and my cats love it.  Sunny Seat window mounted cat bed installs to glass windows or doors.  Tips to get Sunny Seat to stay in place?  Use alcohol to clean suction cups and window.  Sunny seat cover is a durable fabric that is removable to wash, I cover mine with a blanket.  The plastic frame is durable, and the wires are strong.


My grandson chose his favorite cinnamon toast with a blindfold test.  We toasted bread in our toaster, then taste tested our family's traditional cinnamon toast recipe, our usual spread sprinkled with cinnamon sugar mix, versus a new product we found at the store.  Earth Balance Organic Sweet Cinnamon Culinary Spread.  The blindfold test reveals the favorite!  Which would you choose?  

What can be an easier way to make cinnamon toast than just spreading?  Earth Balance Organic Sweet Cinnamon Culinary Spread is vegan, lactose free, gluten free, USDA certified organic, non GMO, Casein free, made from expeller-pressed oil.  Nice that my grandson chose the healthier option as the Best Cinnamon Toast!

I love my Breville toaster.  It looks great on the counter in my kitchen, and seems to take  up less space because it has a sideways orientation.  I don't like clutter on my counter top, but don't mind the toaster at all.  The toaster features 2 slice full stainless steel body,  'A Bit More' button allows you to add a little extra time to the toasting cycle, a Lift & Look' lever to check your toast at any time without interrupting the toasting cycle, and Bagel, Frozen and Cancel buttons.  


Grow and Glow Snakes from the Dollar Tree are supposed to grow 600 percent when you put them in water.  It takes a week for Grow and Glow snakes by Alley Oop Toys to grow.  I discovered the Grow and Glow snakes did not glow.  The Grow and Glow Snake got 5 inches longer, and much fatter.  The Grow and Glow Snakes from Alley Oop Toys at the Dollar Tree did not scare away birds from my fruit trees or pigeons from my yard.


I found a few giant coins and have a lot of fun showing them to my grandchildren.  They are willing to do chores to "earn" one, and it is fun to take them to the ice cream store and have them "pay" with their coin.  Teach children how to identify and count change, and how to count back change when spending a dollar.  The value of money is something learned at home.

Check out this link to some oversized coins.  There is a great variety of realistic coins for play and study.









Sharing reading and a love for learning new things is a wonderful way to share family fun.  Kidle readers are a great way to have your favorite book or latest book you choose to read at your fingertips.  Technology is a fabulous way to get kids interested in reading, as well.  Why just play games or stare at a movie when you can also read and enjoy the adventures books provide?  If you love reading and hate dragging a pile of books around, check out a Kindle Fire HG6 which also comes in a Kids' Edition.


Hunter Dan Action Figure Hunting Toys

Blue Box Adventure Series Hunter Dan   If you have a child that loves the out of doors check out the Blue Box Wild Adventure Hunter Dan action figures and toy hunting play sets.  These Wild Adventure action figures are 8 1/2 inches tall and come with a complete set of clothing, guns, binoculars, knives, tools, and everything necessary for an outdoor adventure hunting trip.  The figures can bend in 10 areas of articulation and the details are impressive.  Hunter Dan Adventure Series can be found as Deer Hunter, Bear Hunter, Turkey Hunter, Duck Hunter, and Fisherman.  Have hours of fun playing with Hunter Dan dressing him, adding gear, and imagination.  Hunter Dan is a great hunting action figure toy with authentic replica guns and gear for fun outdoor or indoor play.  Look For Hunter Ann Bow Hunting, too.


Blue Box Adventure Series Hunter Dan

If the kids in your life enjoy action figures that are realistic, check out the Blue Box Hunter Dan and Hunter Ann series.  My grandson loves his Hunter Dan and that he can learn about hunting and camping while he plays.                                                                          These realistic action figures come complete with rifles, hunting clothing, tree stands, rifles, shotguns, bows, binoculars, rattling antlers, blaze orange safety gear, and more.  The Hunter Dan and Hunter Ann toys are well made and can be posed for a fun day hunting.  

If you want hours of fun with realistic hunting toys, try these sturdy toys.  The accessories vary according to they action figure set, deer hunter, duck hunter, turkey hunter, bow hunter, or fisherman.  



Halloween is a fun holiday.  Here is a fun holiday craft project to make with kids.  Jack-o-Lantern fruit cups are a fun way to get your kids to enjoy peaches or mandarin oranges.  Draw a Jack O'Lantern face on a fruit cup with a sharpie marker and see if your little ones will love to eat fruit!  Put a Jack-O-Lantern fruit cup in your child's lunch for a fun and nutritious serving of fruit.


I bought this Animal Planet Deep Sea Adventure Play Set with a giant squid for my 7 year old grandson at Toys R Us.  We looked at everything, and this is what he chose.  Was I ever pleased how much he loved this Deep Sea Adventure Play Set.  It has lots of pieces, large and small, for the adventures a little one is looking for.  Here is a video of my little grandson playing with the Animal Planet Deep Sea Adventure Play Set.  He could manipulate all of the tiny pieces of dive gear onto the diver, and had a great time placing him in the dive suit, while battling the squid with movable parts and the crab.  This was a great action figure set for hours of fun on a table, on the floor, and in the bath tub.  Bring on the snorkels, my grandson loves this play set.

If you know a child who loves adventure play sets, swimming, and animals of the sea, the Animal Planet Deep Sea Adventure set may be a toy they would enjoy.  I bought this for my grandson, and he played with it on the table, the floor, and in the bathtub.  He loves snorkeling in my big bathtub, and was so happy to have a deep sea adventure set to make his swimming time extra fun.



Have you seen the Ice Cream Ball by YayLabs, and wondered if it worked?  I tried the Play and Freeze ice cream ball today with my 7 year old grandson, and, yes, it works.  Fill the top with simple ice cream ingredients to make a pint, or 2 cups, of ice cream  Fill the other end with ice and rock salt.  Shake, rattle, and roll the blue plastic ice cream ball for 10 minutes.  Scrape the ice cream, add more ice and rock salt, and shake, rattle, and roll 10 more minutes.  We made ice cream in 20 minutes.  The top was liquidy and creamy, but most of the ice cream was frozen to a proper consistency.  The flavor of the basic vanilla ice cream was delicious.  We agreed, it was fun, and worth the effort to make ice cream in the Ice Cream Ball.  It was delicious, make more than we expected, 4 generous servings, and we would do it again.  If you are looking for a fun way to make ice cream at home, camp, or on a picnic, try the Ice Cream Ball.

We have more fun playing with the Ice Cream Ball.  I first used it when my grandson came over for the day.  We filled the top with cream, sugar, and vanilla, then added ice cubes and rock salt to the other end.  We rolled it around in the kitchen for about 20 minutes, and enjoyed home made ice cream.

 If you want to take this and roll it outside, open it carefully so dirt doesn't get in the ice cream.  Don't ask me how I know this!





Transformer Hero Mashers is a great toy for a child.  My 7 year old grandson worked hard to earn one of these.  He loves it.  The arms, legs, head, and accessories can be taken off and attached in all types of configurations.  If you have multiple action figures, they can be transformed and mashed up together in lots of configurations.  Using your imagination to create a figure, and imagine the storyline for your action figure is lots of fun.  They are easy to take apart and imaginative to put together any way you choose to customize your autobot.  This one even has a launcher. You can play with it all afternoon with out getting bored.

I was surprised and impressed with the Transformer Hero Masher action figure set that my grandson wanted, and earned all by himself.  The parts all come off for you to attach in any configuration.  You can buy multiple figures and the parts fit each other.  They are easy for a child to attach and create new action figures, allowing them to use their creativity and imagination.  I enjoy watching my grandson play with his Transformer Hero Masher figure which they "mash up" to make new characters.




Making games from things around the house can be a lot of fun, and requires only a little imagination.  Are you prepared for simple entertainment during times of boredom or even an emergency situation?  With clothespins and an empty jar, you can play Clothespin Drop.  Score 1 point for every clothespin you drop in the jar.  You can decide how far away the starting line is.


There are lots of ways to use an empty Altoids tin.  Try making a mini game set or game chest.  Keep one in your purse, carry on, bug out bag, camping gear, or luggage.  A mini game set can keep you entertained if you are stuck waiting at the doctor's office, the airport, or to pass the time on a camp out.  Keep everyone involved when you play together.  Try it!


If you have a large cardboard box, you can make a puppet theater.  This one took me about 30 minutes to complete, and I made it from things I have around the house.  If you have a box, a knife, and imagination, you can make a puppet theater, too.  Use things you have to make things you want or need.  Any child should be happy putting on puppet shows with this DIY puppet theater.


Games we make with our kids are a great way to share time together.  Here is a game made from everyday household items, and things that should be a part of your emergency gear - the Handshake Game!  All you need is a pair of gloves, filled with dried beans.  Secure with a rubber band or string to tie them closed.  Now find a square on the floor or draw one in the dirt.  Toss!  1 point if your hand lands in the box, 5 points if the hands touch, and "shake hands" or hold hands.  This is simple to make, easy to play, and fun to do together.


Do you have a jetted tub, and a tablespoon of body wash?  Add the body wash as you are filling the tub, add a small child, and you will have the biggest pile of bubbles ever!  The jets just keep growing the bubbles higher and higher.  Lots of fun!



With an empty juice bottle and a few pom poms, you can make a game that will keep little ones occupied, entertained, and happy for a little while.  Try making this simple game from things you have around your house.  Make your own pom pom game in minutes, and have hours of fun!  Try it, and keep your kids busy.


There are lots of fun games and crafts to make with arts and crafts supplies like pompoms.  Gather a few interesting supplies with various shapes and textures to keep on hand for creative play time with the children in your life.  Play games together, and spark creative interests by creating works of art.  






This little swimming fish toy is very fun and cute.  The little fish perform better than expected, with swimming, diving, flipping, jumping, and all types of acrobatics.  My grandkids love playing with the hammerhead shark, one of the 10 varieties available.  You need a tiny screwdriver to install batteries.  Make sure to open and dry it out when finished.  We love this little toy!


My grandsons love the Lil Fishys swimming fish toy.  Whether you know a child who loves the water or not, these little swimming fish toys are adorable and fun.  There are 10 different varieties, and I ended up buying 6 of the several varieties to keep my little guys happy. That's how much we love these!



With only a plastic bag and string, you can keep a young child happy and entertained on a windy day.  Tie the handles together with 3 feet of string, attach a long, long string, and go play in the wind.  We all got lots of exercise!  For a fun afternoon, this can help keep your little ones entertained.


Make a ring toss game from a plunger and paper plates to entertain little ones.  The plunger will stand upright whether you play inside or outside.  Cut out the center of paper plates, and decorate.  Now decide where you want the starting line, and toss.   Playing simple games together is fun.

You can hardly go wrong if you can make a game with a plunger for a few dollars.  Less than a kid's meal at many restaurants, share making a game and playing together.  

Choose a new plunger to make a ring toss game to ensure the sanitary factor of a toy, rather than a tool.  Making a game with a tool also allows you an opportunity to explain unfamiliar items to children, and teach them creativity - finding new ways to use common items.  Have fun with play and exploration.



AlaskaGranny is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com