Cast Iron Cookware has been around for generations.  Why, you may wonder.  Wonder no more.  Cast iron cookware is dependable, conducts heat beautifully, and lasts for decades.  Well-seasoned cast iron cooks easily, with less oil, and has none of the chemicals used to manufacture nonstick cooking surfaces.  

With a bit of care, cast iron will last and last, while leaching a bit of healthful iron into your meals.  If you realize many American take iron supplements, you understand one of the benefits of cast iron cooking.

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If you love cast iron pots, check out this  Lodge Logic Grilling Sauce Pan.  It holds 2 cups, comes with a silicone brush and sauce cook book.  You can use the grilling sauce pan in your smoker to add a layer of flavor to your favorite barbecue sauces.  

Place the little sauce pan on the grill to have it on hand.  Now you can mop sauces on your grilled meats with the included silicone brush.  

This compact 14-ounce melting pot comes with silicone brush and recipe book.  It is made from double cast iron metal, and comes preseasoned.  

Whether you use cast iron in your kitchen or at camp in a campfire, cast iron is nearly indestructible and can last for generations.  


The Lodge Cast Iron 5 Piece Cook Set is a well made set of pots and pans that can be used on the stove, oven, campfire, barbeque, or smoker. Outdoor cooking and the layer of smoke flavor helps your foods taste great.   Lodge Cast Iron comes seasoned and ready to use.  This set includes a 5 qt dutch oven, 10 1/2 inch skillet, 10 1/2 inch grill pan, 8 inch skillet, and a lid that fits the three large pots and pans.  Always cook with a bit of oil, and never wash with soap for your cast iron to last a life time.

Pros And Cons Of Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware is safe for cooking on the stove top, oven, broiler, grill, and campfire.  Cast iron pots and pans are great for searing, baking, roasting, frying, stove to oven recipes, and outdoor cooking.  Cast iron Dutch ovens can even go in fire pits and have coals placed right on the lid.  Once cast iron cookware gets hot, it stays hot.  It is durable, inexpensive, and naturally nonstick once properly seasoned.  Cast iron does have cons, including it is heavy, especially when loaded with food, it takes effort to clean, it can rust, and you must remember to use oven mitts because it stays hot.  Cast iron leaches iron naturally into food, making the health benefits of adding iron in our diet.  If you don't own cast iron, get a skillet and try cooking with it.

How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan With Stuck On Food

Cooking with cast iron is healthful and easy.  Sometimes we fear the clean up of cast iron.  Cast iron should never be cleaned with soap.  A properly seasoned pan should be nearly stick free, but that doesn't always happen.  If you have food stuck in cast iron, especially a grill pan with ridges, follow this simple way to get rid of stuck on food easily.

The best way to clean cast iron is to add a few inches of water, and bring it to a boil.  Allow the water to lift the food off of the pan.  Scrape a bit with a metal spatula, and pour it off.  Rinse with hot water, dry with a paper towel, and place back on a warm burner to dry.  Re season with a bit of Crisco on a paper towel.  Now your pan is clean and ready for next time.

Chicken With Beans And Tomatoes In Cast Iron

Fire up your grill even when it's cold outside.  This simple recipe for chicken with beans and fresh tomatoes is simple and delicious.  It is simple to prepare on top of the stove in your kitchen, or outside on a grill or campfire in good weather or bad.  It is that simple.  Learn to cook simple meals from pantry supplies so you can make a meal no matter how busy your day, for a fun camp out adventure, or even an emergency situation.

Cast Iron on an Electric Stove

Cooking with cast iron on an electric stove is a healthy way to cook.  Just be aware that you need to cook on medium to low heat so you don't damage your pan.  Check out these tips for making your cast iron last a long time.

Cast Iron Nachos on the Grill or Campfire

Who can't love Nachos, especially in the out of doors?  Fire up your grill or campfire, grab your cast iron dutch oven, and follow these steps to the best Nachos cooked in the out of doors.



How To Season A Bacon Press

If you love adding to your arsenal of cast iron equipment, a bacon press may be just your thing.  Press your bacon flat, keep your burgers bun sized, and more.  As with any cast iron cook pot, your bacon press needs to be seasoned. 


Cast Iron Bacon Press

Few aromas of cooking draw us in like bacon.  A cast iron press helps keep bacon flat, and is also a handy cooking utensil for grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and burgers.  I like the wooden handle that stays cool, and allows me to move the lid easily while I am preparing meals.  Never soak your cast iron.  Hand wash, and dry.  Reseason if needed.




Nonstick Baking In Cast Iron

If you love baked goods and using your cast iron cookware, check out how to prepare your favorites with no clean up.  Cast iron is a great way to cook, and baking is part of the fun!



How To Clean Cast Iron Cookware

Cooking with cast iron pots and pans is a fun, healthy way to prepare meals.  Cast iron requires a few special considerations.  Put down the soap,  Scrub with salt and season.  A few new techniques, and you will be a cast iron pro!


Make A Cast Iron Pot Holder

 If you plan to cook with your cast iron cookware, you need to realize that every surface is hot.  With a few stitches, you can make a pot holder for your cast iron pot handle.  Always pack a few small dish towels, wash clothes, and pot holders when you head out of doors to cook.  The great outdoors is dirty, and pots are hot.

Grill a Whole Chicken in Cast Iron

Are you looking for a moist, easy chicken on the grill?  Turn on your grill, and get out your cast iron Dutch oven.  Place a layer of veggies, rub your chicken with olive oil, sprinkle a few spices, and put on the lid.  In 1 hour 20 minutes, you will have a moist, tender, flavorful chicken ready to serve.  The Dutch oven fills with juices that keep the chicken tender and moist.  You will love how simple this recipe is.  Whole chicken in a cast iron Dutch oven can be cooked on a grill, over a campfire, or in the oven.  If you cook it over a campfire, turn your Dutch oven for even cooking.  This whole chicken recipe is easy and delicious.  Save the juices and carcass for bone broth in your crock pot.

How to Season Cast Iron Pots

If you have cast iron cook ware, know that you need to season it when it is new, and at the beginning of each outdoor season.  Follow these tips to season your cast iron whether you are cooking out of doors, or in the kitchen.



Cast Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Did you think grilled cheese sandwiches were winter fare, cooked indoors?  Think again.  With a small cast iron pan, a flavorful grilled cheese sandwich can be prepared in minutes on your grill or camp stove.  Enjoy!



Dutch Oven Cooking Tips

Whether you cook indoors, or outdoors, the Dutch oven is a fantastic cast iron pot to own.  With the addition of a lid, you can make a wide variety of delicious meals in the oven, on the grill, or over an open fire.  A Dutch oven is fun to use, especially with these tips.


Dutch Oven Lid Lifters

If you own a cast iron Dutch oven and use it to cook in the out of doors, you will want a lid lifter.  Cast iron is very heavy, and hot when you are cooking.  Don't risk burning yourself.  Choose the lid lifter that is the most comfortable for you to use.  



Everything is hot when you cook on a grill or campfire.  We have coated and protected surfaces when we cook indoors.  Outdoor cooking with cast iron Dutch ovens and skillets is a great way to prepare food.  We just need to remember that all of the surfaces are hot, and not reach in to move a pot.  Bring pot holders and get a lid lifter so you can do your best campfire cooking while avoiding a nasty burn.




Dutch Oven Sloppy Joe Recipe

Who doesn't love a ground meat sandwich with tangy, tomato sauce dripping from the sides of a warm, fresh bun?  Make this quick and easy Sloppy Joe recipe on your grill or campfire for a fun meal in the out of doors.  You can make this on the stove top indoors, but cooking outside is a lot of fun!


Cajun Chicken Veggie Pasta

Try this simple yet delicious pasta recipe in your cast iron skillet.  You can prepare it on the stove top, barbecue grill, or a campfire in the out of doors.  Chop things up ahead of time to take along on a camp out.



Dutch Oven Beef Pepperoni Stew

Here is another quick and easy meal to prepare in your cast iron dutch oven or skillet.  I love simple meals that can be cooked in one pot, whether you are in the kitchen, at the grill, or on a camp out.  This is a great meal for cooking in the out of doors.  It cooks in moments, allowing you to enjoy your time with fun activities instead of cooking and clean up.


If you are looking for just one cast iron pan, I would start with a Dutch Oven.  You can cook anything in it, on the stove top, oven, barbecue grill, and even straight into a campfire.  With a Dutch oven, the lid allows you to bake in it, as well.  Then you can add a big skillet later if you choose.  The lid will likely work with same sized fry pans that you add to your cast iron collection later.  If you only choose one, the Dutch Oven has the versatility to cook most meals deliciously.



Have you wondered how to bake in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven on a grill or campfire?  It is simple to bake in a Dutch Oven.  Heat up your dutch oven, drop in a few balls made from foil, and add a little pan of biscuits.  The foil keeps them up off the bottom so they don't fry.  Cover, and bake.  Find simple recipes your family enjoys, and practice preparing them with your cast iron pots on your barbecue.  It is easy, fun, and good practice for cooking over a campfire, or in an emergency.  Practice on your barbecue before heading to the woods.  Keep it simple!

Easy Grilled Halibut In Cast Iron

We all know the benefits of eating more fish, and halibut is a fabulous white fish to enjoy.  Preparing halibut is so simple, and anyone can do it. This basic recipe for pan fried halibut is healthy and easy.  A bit of oil, salt and pepper, and your Lodge Logic Cast Iron Grill Pan or other pan is all you need.  


Halibut should be grilled for about 3-4 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness of the fish.  Halibut is called white fish because it should be white and opaque when done.  Cook it until it is just done, so it will still be flaky and moist.  Don't overcook your fish.  Halibut is my favorite fish to catch, and to eat!

How To Clean Enamel Cast Iron Pots And Pans

Do you like cast iron cooking, but not the clean up?  Then enameled cast iron pots and pans may be for you.  Enameled cast iron has the benefits of regular cast iron without the same challenges of cleaning.  If you have enameled cast iron, cleaning is easier than cleaning regular cast iron pots and pans.  

You can actually use soapy water, and even soak your enamel cast iron pan.  Follow these tips to remove stuck on food, remove stains, and make your enameled cast iron last for years.  Enameled cast iron is safe to use with gas or electric stoves, in the oven, in the refrigerator for marinating.  Do not use enamel cast iron on the grill or campfire.




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